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This adds a machine called the Reverse Transmutator, Which as the name implies reverse transmutates. It changes Iridium to Gold, Gold to Iron, Iron to Copper.
Personally, I always felt this was missing... However it could be seen as overpowered hense, the recipe and in my opinion is end game content...But in the end it's up to you :)

Crafting- Although the version of Custom Farming I am using uses a menu to spawn the machines in they do have recipes although not implemented into the crafting menu in my version so this is obviously left to the player and can be obviously abused if you so chose... Personally I put the crafting items in the trash then spawn it :)

10 Iridium Bars, 20 Refined Quartz, 50 Solar Essence, 50 Void Essence, 1 Prismatic Shard

I did make these using ideas I thought I would of enjoyed in the base game and decided to upload them as I become satisfied with them.If you do not like them or think they are overpowered or stupid simply don't download them.I uploaded them so people like me could have these sort of things without haveing to make it themselves if they don't want to :)
This Mod/Add-on does use files from the base game to base the artwork off of and would not be possible without the amazing work of Concerned Ape for the creation of this amazing game :) and also Platonymous (the maker of Custom Farming( for their amazing mod and the permission to post my add-ons :)... Without either of these this mod most likely wouldn't exist :)
Thanks again to them and anyone who decides to download any of my mods :)
Have a wonderful day :)

Also, if Platonymous, Concerned Ape, or Nexus wish for my mod to be remove I will do so immediately, as without them it wouldn't be here anyway.


This Mod/Add-on Requires Stardew Valley (Obviously) and Custom Farming (I use Version for Stardew 1.1 so it's compatibility for newer versions is untested on my part but should work I believe).

Download and stick it into the Custom Content folder in the Custom Farming Mod's folder, which is in the mods folder (assuming you downloaded it, if not go get that first) :)

If there are any bugs contact me and I'll see what I can do.

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Author-TheMegaCoolMan also known as TheWiseOne13