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Stardew Realty is the continuation of the mod Farm Expansion and adds the ability to purchase additional plots of Farm land that can be used for growing crops and raising animals.

Permissions and credits
This is a continuation of the Farm Expansion mod.  The mod has been changed from a single Farm location to a framework that allows multiple new lands be added via Content Packs.  To try and be as compatible as possible the entrance to the farm expansions has been moved from the Farm to the Backwoods.  The mod currently supports up to 10 additional farm lands. (The power of you PC may reduce the playable number)  

Content Packs can specify conditions and a gold value that are required to purchase the land.  Once a piece of land has met its requirements, it will be placed for sale.  Stardew Realty places a sign board in Pelican Town from which the Player can view and purchase any land currently for sale.  The morning after the Player purchased a piece of land they will receive a mail confirming their purchase.

To help getting around the farm expansions a Farm Expansion Warp Network is provided ([CTRL][Z] to access)(Configurable).  Expansion maps that are configured for the Warp Network will have an entrance to the Warp Network to allow you to move from expansion to expansion and home quickly.

I have tried to get the mod to be as compatible as possible.  Due to the nature of the functionality in this mod it has a few restrictions for compatibility. 

Bad News:
  • any mod that changes the Carpenter menu will either not work or break this mod
  • any mod that changes the Animal purchase menu will either not work or break this mod

Good News:
  • I have taken efforts to ensure this is compatible Stardew Valley Expanded and it appears to play nice together.  The only conflict appears to be the world map and for that I have yielded to SDE.
  • BFAV latest unofficial release is supported and BFAV animals can be added

  • Farm hands can access expansions farms and work the fields
  • Farm hands cannot enter building on expansion lands.  If a farm hand enters a building their game will get stuck in a loop.  The host game is not impacted and the farm hand can re-join the game without losing anything.
  • The Warp Room is not available to farm hands.

Known Issues
There are still a couple of issues with the mod, but they are not game changers..
  •  NPC Map Locations overwrites the world map causing Farm Expansion to not show on the Map.
  • BFAV works correctly and you can spawn BFAV animals on any Farm Expansion, however, items spawned that appear outside of the animal's home may appear on the standard Farm (Rex Eggs or Truffles).

Custom Buildings
To support such large farms I have also added 2 custom buildings, a Fromagerie and a Winery.

The cheese factory building comes with 3 large vats that accept 50 milk products at a time for large scale cheese making.

The winery can be used for kegs or casks.  Works very well with PFM - Expanded Casks if you want to have a high volume winery.

Using my other mod Stardew Web you can customize various parameters about the farm expansion:
  • Foraging - what type of items can be found foraging
  • Artifacts - what items can be found as artifacts
  • Fish - you can stock your expansion ponds with whatever type of fish you want
  • Season - an expansion can be locked to one season.  Add 4 expansions and you can have 4 seasons all year round.  The seasonal override does not change the weather in an expansion, so lookout for snow in the summer. (The snow does not impact your crops, it just looks strange)

For Modders
What is required to make a content pack?
  • a TMX file of your farm expansion map (the map needs to have an exit from all 4 sides)
  • a couple of png snapshots of you map (for thumbnails)
  • an expansion.json file with the details of your map

For more specifics on creating an expansion, see my Wiki

Future for this Mod:
In order to create this mod a lot of patching to the game was required, making it very tricky to try and maintain any type of compatibility.  There is a new version of Stardew in the works, version 1.6.  This is a release to make things more mod-able, thank you Stardew Devs!!!!.  I have been participating in the Alpha releases and they are making this mod MORE compatible.  With each alpha release I am able to remove a patch here and a patch there.  The custom buildings are currently hammered into the game with magic patches and gum.  In the new version custom buildings are supported.  I have already ported the custom buildings to the new format and was able to remove the patches and gum currently required.  If things keep going the way they are with the alpha, this mod should be able to remove most all of its patching and just be the framework required to map in the expansion grid, making comparability a breeze.