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About this mod

Provides a web portal view of your Stardew Valley Farm. View and manage details of your Farm from a web browser.

Permissions and credits
  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.
How to use
  • Launch Stardew Valley
  • Load up a game save
  • Open a browser on your desktop and enter the URL:

What Does It Do?
Stardew Web provides a web portal view of your game to assist you in your social aspirations and quests, along with your farm chores.

Social and Quest Helpers
  • Social - displays details about all of the Characters you have meet (even the unmet characters, if enabled)
  • Train Spotting - show when the next Train is due (Warp to the Train, if enabled)
  • Today - shows your farm chores, news items, calendar of the month and almanacs to let you see what crops and fish are in season
  • Shipping - What items have you shipped to date.
  • Bundles/Joja Community development - shows your bundle progress
  • Collections - Shows your status at the various game quests
  • Event Suggestions - provides a list of possible Events for the day.
  • Events - shows all Events the player has seen, and if enabled, Events that have not seen.  There is a detail view for each Event showing the
  • requirements to be able to view the Event.
  • Monster Predictions - shows which mine levels are good for monster hunting.

Farm Chore Helpers
  • Daily Tasks -  provides a list things needing attention around your farm
  • Production - What crops and animals you currently have growing and when it is ready to harvest
  • Machine Production - What's producing what and which machines are empty
  • Chest Manager - Move Items between Chests, the Shipping Bin, and Backpacks
  • Crop Report - details about the current crops being grown
  • Silo usage Report
  • Inventory - What items you have stashed around the farm
  • Building Manager - shows inhabitants of the buidling, whether the building has a heater, incubator, or incubator, hay inventory, door status

General Game Play
  • Stardew Search Engine - provides a search engine to lookup details of items in your game (Vanilla and mods).
  • Game Catalogue - provides a catalogue of all crops, objects, buildings, machines, etc available in game.

Game Play Helpers (Cheats)
There are an assortment of game play helpers available (Any or all can be disabled via configuration):

  • Farming
    • Mature crops
    • Activate Sprinklers
    • Pet All Animals
    • Spawn Animals
    • Harvest Crops
    • Spawn Buildings
    • Top off barn hay
    • Toggle barn door
    • Upgrade your Farm house
  • Farmer
    • Heal the Farmer
    • Invincible Farmer Mode
    • Sleep Anywhere
    • Warping
    • Spawn objects to your backpack
    • Cook Items
    • Quickie marriages
  • Game Mechanics
    • Popping of in game menus
    • Set the Season, Month, Day or Time
    • Stop Time
    • Complete Bundles
    • Launch Events
    • Spawn Trains
    • Unread mail
    • See/Un-see events

Technical Helpers
These features provide more technical details about the game.  Mainly things a modder may need to know.
  • Log View - for when things are not working right.  Provides the ability to download your SMAPI and Stardew Web logs.  Saves the hunting down
  • through your User directory tree.
  • Mods - a view of the mods you have installed and what they add to the game.
  • Locations details:
    • Warps
    • NPCs
    • Tilesheet details
    • Animals
    • Buildings
    • Map details

  • NPC details:
    • Events
    • Schedules
    • Dialogues
  • Want an Object Id? Call up Search in Stardew Web and enter the name of the Object and its details with the Id will be returned.
  • Want a List of all the current Ids? Enter 'objectids' into the Search For box and the complete list of Ids will be displayed.
  • Want a list of the Category Ids? Enter 'catids' into the Search For box and the category Ids will be listed
  • Want to get a spritesheet or other data from the Content directory and don't want to dump them all?  Individual items can be extracted from XNB
  • files in the Modders tab
  • Macro language - I use it to setup farm scenarios for testing. Adds crops, buildings, animals and landscape to a Farm location.
  • For amateur home modders: (Experimental)
    • Edit NPC dialogue - you can edit the various NPC dialogues and your local games will use the changes, no messing with files of any type.

Other Mod Support

Just Because
  • Crop Draw & Writer - use crops to write lettering or draw an uploaded image in the current farming location
  • Think-n-Talk - integrated version of my "Think-n-Talk" mod - allows you to pop thinking or talking bubbles above your farmer

For additional details open the About tab and click on the 'Help' link.

Note: All of the Cheat type features are disabled by default, you'll have to go into the configuration Tab to enable them. ( About -> Edit Configuration)


  • Tested with Stardew Valley 1.5.4 and 1.5.5 on mainly Windows. I have tested it lightly on Ubuntu 20.04, no issues, but I have not done any deep testing.
  • Works in single player and multiplayer. No known multiplayer limitations.

See also

  • Release notes - are in the mod in the About tab.
  • Source code - coming soon, needs some cleaning.