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An expanded greenhouse with space for lots of trees and a good amount of crops.

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This is an expanded greenhouse with dedicated space for 63 trees in each wing and:

Greenhouse1- 20 quality sprinklers, 6 iridium sprinklers, and 6 more trees
Greenhouse2- 9 pressure nozzle sprinklers, 2 quality sprinklers, and 6 more trees
Greenhouse3- 9 pressure nozzle sprinklers and 9 more trees
Greenhouse4- 29w x 26d open area and 9 more trees
Greenhouse5- 29w x 31d open area

To pick which layout you would like to use, open the content.json file with a text editor and change the number in the line "FromFile": "assets/Greenhouse1.tmx" to the number of the layout. For example, to use Greenhouse3, change that line to "FromFile": "assets/Greenhouse3.tmx"

  • What happens to crops/trees/items when I switch from the vanilla greenhouse to this one?
  • They will end up in the upper-left corner of the modded greenhouse in the exact same layout as they were in in the vanilla one. You can use the crop transplant mod ( to move the crops to the central portion and also -after editing that mod's config- to move trees around. Items can be moved normally. Use the pickaxe to clear any out of place tilled soil.

  • Does this affect anything outside the greenhouse?
  • Nope! This only changes the interior so anything outside will be untouched.

  • How do I use this with the SVE farm maps?
  • For the Grandpa's Farm map, it normally works with no changes. If it's not loading go into the "[CP] Grandpa's Farm" folder, delete the config.json file if it exists, then open the content.json file with a text editor and find the "LargerGreenhouse" section. Make sure the value after "Default" is "false". It should look like this:
    "LargerGreenhouse": {
    "AllowValues": "true, false",
    "Default": "false"
    For the IF2R map, open the content.json file (in the "[CP] Immersive Farm 2 Remastered" folder) with a text editor, find the section "Disable_IF2R_Greenhouse", and make sure the value after "Default" is "true". It should look like this:
    "Disable_IF2R_Greenhouse": {
    "AllowValues": "true, false",
    "Default": "true"