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An expanded greenhouse with space for lots of trees and a good amount of crops.

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This is an expanded greenhouse with dedicated space for 63 trees in each wing and:

Greenhouse1- 20 quality sprinklers, 6 iridium sprinklers, and 6 more trees
Greenhouse2- 9 pressure nozzle sprinklers, 2 quality sprinklers, and 6 more trees
Greenhouse3- 9 pressure nozzle sprinklers and 9 more trees
Greenhouse4- 29w x 26d open area and 9 more trees
Greenhouse5- 29w x 31d open area

To pick which layout you would like to use, open the content.json file with a text editor and change the number in the line "FromFile": "assets/Greenhouse1.tmx" to the number of the layout. For example, to use Greenhouse3, change that line to "FromFile": "assets/Greenhouse3.tmx"

  • What happens to crops/trees/items when I switch from the vanilla greenhouse to this one?
    They will end up in the upper-left corner of the modded greenhouse in the exact same layout as they were in in the vanilla one. You can use the crop transplant mod ( to move the crops to the central portion and also -after editing that mod's config- to move trees around. Items can be moved normally. Use the pickaxe to clear any out of place tilled soil.

  • Does this affect anything outside the greenhouse?
    Nope! This only changes the interior so anything outside will be untouched.

  • How do I use this with the SVE farm maps?
    For the Grandpa's Farm map, it normally works with no changes. If it's not loading go into the "[CP] Grandpa's Farm" folder, delete the config.json file if it exists, then open the content.json file with a text editor and find the "LargerGreenhouse" section. Make sure the value after "Default" is "false". It should look like this:
    "LargerGreenhouse": {
    "AllowValues": "true, false",
    "Default": "false"
    For the IF2R map, open the content.json file (in the "[CP] Immersive Farm 2 Remastered" folder) with a text editor, find the section "Disable_IF2R_Greenhouse", and make sure the value after "Default" is "true". It should look like this:
    "Disable_IF2R_Greenhouse": {
    "AllowValues": "true, false",
    "Default": "true"
  • This greenhouse mod isn't showing up and I'm not using SVE! How can I get it to show?
    If you're using a modded farm, check to see if it has its own custom greenhouse and disable that. Also check to see if you have any other mods that affect the greenhouse as there may be a conflict.