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makes the vanilla chests cuter by adding a heart buckle + toning them down ♡

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check out twilightdvsn's mod cuter chest buckles as an updated alternative to this mod!

as much as i love coding, i don't have much interest in stardew modding as of right now, and it's changed a lot since i used to mod a couple of years ago. i've gotten back into the game massively since 1.6, so there's a chance i may continue modding in the future but i don't really have the time or motivation right now. for now, all of my projects have been discontinued. (18/05)

this mod should still work with regular chests, but won't affect the big chests in 1.6.

works like a regular content patcher mod, unzip & put it in your mods folder

grass from vibrant pastoral recolour (highly recommended!!!)

take care! ♡