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Improves a host of game play issues to reduce monotonous tasks, most notably a tool belt.

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Improved Quality of Life (Version 1.1) - Adds a host of quality improvements to the game.I don't consider these cheats, but they will alter the original game behavior. The focus is on time saving utilities and removing the tedious and maximizing the fun!

  • Summon your horse anywhere outside
  • Fishing will be instant ( minigame will remain ) but time will fast forward as if you waited
  • horse can now pass through 1 tile passages
  • player can pass time in 1h intervals
  • allow grass to drop without a silo built or if silo is full
  • roads in your farm increases your speed
  • allow fish type to be visible once hook is caught
  • ability to choose how long a 10 minute increment is
  • Tools can be swapped from a chest

Right clicking on the tool belt will swap the tool from a chest to the current item

QualityOfLife Controls- NOW CONFIGURABLE
Z - Summon horse
V - Fast forward time by an hour
G - Change how fast a 10 minute tick is

All features can be disabled via the config