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A small and simple mod that adds the ability to construct new Greenhouses from Robin after the Farm Greenhouse is completed!

Permissions and credits
This mods adds a buildable Greenhouse in Robin's shop after the Farm Greenhouse has been constructed.


How to use
After the player has completed the Greenhouse on the Farm, in Robin's shop there will be a new building called a "Special Greenhouse". This building costs the following materials:
  • 100 Hardwood
  • 50 Iron Bars
  • 300 stone
  • 100,000 Gold (currency)

The greenhouse is an incredibly useful building, and therefore is a little expensive.
Note: The cost is subject to change through updates as I receive feedback on its cost.

  • Works for Stardew Valley 1.5.4 on Windows. Should also be compatible with Mac/Linux, though this is not tested.
  • Works for singleplayer, though should also be compatible with multiplayer, though this is untested.
  • Compatible with Content Patcher mods for the interior of the greenhouse, as this mod simply pulls the interior map from the Vanilla assets, meaning you can have your various Greenhouse Interiors.
  • I currently do not know how to get the exterior image to work for Content Patcher greenhouse appearances, meaning that for the time being the exterior will appear to look the same as the vanilla greenhouse. Recommendations on how to resolve this issue are welcome.

Known Issues
  • The image for the greenhouse in Robin's menu is currently a large purple square. I do not know how to fix this (recommendations welcome and desired). This does not affect the construction, appearance, or use of this building on the farm, and seems to only be in this menu.
  • There is a bug where you are able to escape the greenhouse into the void by walking just to the left or right of the door while trying to leave, though I do not know if this is the result of my mod or the custom greenhouse mod I was using.

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