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Adds collections for armor sets.

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In vanilla, we have collections for fish, figurines, food, fossils, bugs, pokem*ahem* captured monsters...
Thanks to some fantastic modders, we also have collections for plushies and dolls, legendary weapons, musical instruments, and even trading cards...
But when there's so many unique pieces of armor (and an associated, difficult to track achievement), why not armor?

Well, start collecting armor!

This mod adds 5 new custom collections for vanilla armor:
  • Basic - Tier 1-4 armor crafted before Replicator Addons.
  • Accelerator - Tier 5-6 armor crafted at an Accelerator Table.
  • Manipulator - Tier 5-6 armor crafted at a Manipulator Table.
  • Separator - Tier 5-6 armor crafted at a Separator Table.
  • Non-Racial - Armor found on merchants, as loot, and the Perfect set.

If you have any armor before installing this mod (if not, get crafting), simply drop the pieces and pick them back up to add them to the collections.

[h1]Special Thanks[/h1]
NinjaChameleonX: For the Trading Card mod which drove modding interest for collections when they were first introduced.
Not Mr Flibble: For the Custom Collections UI mod that is nearly (OK, totally) necessary for adding additional collections.
Seyjin and Lex: Who created new, varied custom collections that inspired me to continue the trend and create patch files for 200+... different... assets, wait, it's HOW late in the day now?!

Steam users can find this mod on its Steam Workshop page.