Novakid Train Ship by Shakar001
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Added: 01/08/2014 - 12:46PM
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Last updated at 1:30, 5 Sep 2014 Uploaded at 12:46, 1 Aug 2014

You can find the main post of this mod on the Starbound official site at 

Hello everyone! This ship mod is a simple one, in my opinion... mostly...

Anyways! This mod will enable you to use the Novakid ship that Chucklefish has teased in this blog post.

While the images used are just the only tier of the ship that's been revealed thus far (Meaning no damage frames sadly), the ship is able to work normally in the nightly builds as the other races (Up to the Tier 3 part where the FTL drive is restored before the next visual advancement.). I did, however, try my best to get the tiles aligned with the ship's image (If there's any spot that isn't aligned, it should be off by one pixel at most... somewhat noticeable on 4x zoom)

This mod now supports Enraged Koala as well now! I took it upon myself that the ship mod should be available for both stable and nightly, rather than just nightly. Now, when you download, just choose the folder that is appropriate for your version (Enraged for Stable, Rampaging for Nightly) of Starbound! Please note, however... Should Chucklefish ask that the mod be discontinued for the nightly build, I will still update it for the Stable build when I can. Or, I may have to stop it completely on their request.

What is included with this ship mod:
-Novakid ship (Link above for details) (Tiers 1-3 for Rampaging Koala version)
-Recolored Teleporter (Broken and fixed)
-Recolored Ship Locker (Broken and fixed)
-Recolored Tech Station (AI terminal)
-Recolored Ship Door (Broken and fixed)
-Recolored Fuel Hatch (Broken and fixed)
-Novakid Horse AI (Rampaging Koala version only)
-Slightly changed starting treasures (Start with a gun, not a sword) [Rampaging Koala version]
-Every race starts with train (Stable, can pick and choose if you want to put in one race or all. All are on by default. This feature does not affect the Rampaging Koala version.)
-Shipworld (Enraged Koala version only)

Again, please take into consideration that the ship will only go up to tier 3 (Tiers 4+ are using the human ship for now until more of the Novakid tiers are teased/released)

To install this mod, simply drop it down in the mods folder.

To get the ship, just make a new Novakid afterwards.

This mod will remain up and I will attempt to have it updated as much as possible until Chucklefish manages to release what this mod is covering or asks for the mod to be discontinued/taken down. The assets used in this mod did come from them afterall, I just made it usable.
Update September 4th, 2014
I have updated the Enraged (Stable) side of the mod to include the official sprites. I'm including the original version as well, so you can pick and choose if you want the original mod or the mod with the official sprites.