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This mod changes the ammo types per weapon, attempting to give each gun type ammo that fits their style, while being unique and viable.

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This mod is no longer fuctional and won't be updated. See comments for details.

Old information:

This mod replaces all ammo types with new ammo types, meaning any weapons you already have are not affected. It also adds the uncommon/legendary plasma tiers.

Dmage wise i've balanced guns to no longer have the old dmg fluctuation, now guns with lower rof will always have higher dmg per shot and guns with higher rof have lower dmg per shot.
At tier 10 these should be the new damage numbers / energy costs:
-Shotguns deal 3000 dmg per 75 energy.
-Flamethrowers deal 100 dmg per 2-3 energy, but have a very high rate of fire.
-Sniper Rifles deal 2000 dmg per 66 energy.
-Assault Rifles deal 1200 dmg per 30 energy.
-Pistols deal 1000 dmg per 25 energy.
-Machine pistols deal 500 dmg per 12-13 energy.
-Rocket Launchers deal 2500 dmg per 125 energy.
-Grenade Launchers deal 2000 dmg per 100 energy.

New ammo:


Pellets: Fires 9 pellets. Slight delay between pellets to create a more chaotic look.
Slug: a simply accurate slug.
Ricochet: Same as pellets, but these bounce against tiles.
Dragonsbreath: Creates a burst of fire in a straight line. Mimics magnesium pellets.
Multiround: Fires a slug accompanied with a few pellets.
Mayhem: Shoots 3 sawblade tipped spheres that race across the ground when they land.
Explosive Pellets: Fires explosive pellets.
Fragmented Laser: Fires 6 plasma bullets at high speed, in 3 different colours. Currently red burns and yellow shocks.
Bouncing Plasma: Now fires 3 orbs of bouncing plasma in a set arc, no longer explodes.
Sonic Boom: Creates a slow and short ranged shockwave that pierces enemies and bounces of tiles.
Gravity Launcher: Fires 3 orbs that split into 3 hovering spikes each.


Pistol Bullet: larger bullet, with no real special qualities.
Fragmenting Bullet: Splits into 4 parts after a while or when hitting a enemy.
Toxic Bullets: Inflict poison, though it's a rather low amount currently.
Reaper: A bullet that destroys a few tiles in front of it, use with caution.
Plasma Bullets: Generic bullet.
Discharger: Fires both a short ranged electric spark and a bullet.
Flare: Fires plasma that burns and drops slowly.
Sticky Plasma: Same as before.

Machine Pistol:

MP Bullet: A thinner bullet, nothing special.
Splitter: Fires shrapnel from the barrel, with varying spread.
Trickshot: A simple glowing and bouncing bullet for hard to reach places.
Ravager: A bullet that fires 2 pins in a cross pattern upon hitting a target.
Plasma Bullets: Still the same.
Accelerator: Fires a orb of plasma that quickly accelerates.
Plasma Rain: Fires a orb of plasma that slightly floats upwards and rains down a burst of plasma.
Trifecta: fires 3 rays of plasma that weave into each other.

Rocket Launcher:

standard rocket, now accelerates.
Uranium rocket, shoots uranium shards out.
Incendiary rocket, spreads fire on impact.
Rocket Swarm, a rocket that splits into 3 smaller rockets at the end.
Carpet Bomber, drops 8 bombs as it flies over.
Drill tip rocket, destroys large groups of tiles. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS!

Standard flamethrower, burns enemies and sets the ground on fire.
Tesla, a straight electrical piercing beam.
Cryogenic Shards, throws randomly frozen shards that cover tiles in ice.
Phosphorous, a chemical flamethrower that burns and poisons enemies.


impact grenades, detonate on impact.
bouncing grenades, detonates 0.5s after first bounce.
spikeball, pierces enemies and doesn't explode. bounces more now.
frag grenade, replaces nail bomb, now can explode in mid air and projectiles are better aimed.
ice cube, an ice cube that turns into a sticky spike when it hits something. similar to spikeball but more stationary.
mouse & pig, now for 0.5s act as a normal grenade. still run as they used to afterwards or upon hitting the ground. still not that good though.
gravity bomb, acts as normal grenade and then turns into a floating landmine.
incendiary grenade, produces flames..
cluster grenade, same as before.
cascade, a grenade that explodes 3 times in a row when it bounces.
acid blob, a blob of acid that drips acid as it travels. (no gif available, the effects don't sit kindly with gifcam)

Sniper rifle:

sniper bullet, standard piercing high speed round.
toxic sniper bullet, pierces and poisons.
needle barrage, fires 3 needles that stick into surfaces, each expires when they hit a enemy.
bouncing sniper round, bouncing and piercing, not to special.
twincase, fires 2 bullets with a slight spread.
explosive sniper bullet, functionally same but with different sprites.
phantom sniper bullet, standard bullet with a delayed version right after it.
plasma shots, same as pistol they pierce and bounce.
arcing plasma, a orb of plasma that bounces and pierces. high speed so it's still quite accurate.
shield plasma, fires both a normal plasma shot and a shield in front of you. won't stop bullets but should dmg and knock back melee enemies.
sticky plasma, functionally same but with different sprites.

assault rifle ammo:

AR bullet, standard non piercing, non bouncing bullet. has a high rof.
Supersonic bullet, a piercing high speed bullet.
Needler, fires needles that stick into surfaces. end when a enemy steps on them, is hit directly or after 5s.
triple burst, fires 3 standard rounds in quick succession for the price of one.
crystal bullet, fires a bullet that when hitting a surface shatters into 2 bouncing crystal shards.
explosive bullets, same as before.
folding knives, fires small unfolding knives. deal double damage when the blade is unfolded.
plasma, piercing and bouncing plasma.
trident, fires a piercing plasma projectile that increases in size and damage over time.
plasma weave, fires 2 plasma projectiles that curve towards each other.
plasma burst, fires a sticky blob of plasma that explodes and shoots out plasma in 4 directions.
hoverplasma, fires a radiant green orb of hovering plasma that damages anything it touches.
dmg wise assault rifles do around 1200 dmg with a energy cost of 30 per shot. rof lies between 6.5 and 8.5 depending on rarity.

Also adds 3 new legendary randomly generated guns:
The minigun, the magnum and the teslagun.

Drop table alterations:
-Common is now actually the most common rarity, (oddly enough uncommon/rare had higher drop rates previously).
-Common guns can now drop from guards and lower quality chests.
-The avian pirate ship vendors are a buggy bunch, they don't want to confirm to the code changes.
-Instead there's now a new house you can encounter on any planet with a human inside that sells all types of common guns.

And that's pretty much it, crossbows to me make more sense as crafted weapons. (especially since functionality wise they're very close to sniper rifles) and crafted weapons seem more suited as a optional mod due to the player.config conflicts it can cause.

-Compatibility wise:
This mod alters treasure pool files and adds the 2 new plasma rarities. And changes the generatedgun files to adjust damage and ammo types linked. The microdungeon/human npc are coded in a way that they should never cause problems though.
Any mod that also affects these files should lead to errors.

Simply extract into the mod folder, the path should be /Starbound/mods/MMNgun/MMNgun.modinfo.
For removal simply delete the mod, though you might want to delete the guns you have before doing so.

If you find any bugs/glitches/problems please let me know.

Alternate downloads: <- stand alone shotgun mod. <- stand alone pistol mod. <- stand alone rocket launcher mod. <- stand alone flamethrower mod. < - stand alone grenade launcher mod. < - stand alone sniper mod. <- stand alone assault rifle download link < - alternate download link. < - official site link