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bringing weapons, armors and more from the Starwars universe into Starbound

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You all knew it had to come and some of you have already created some weapons / items or are in the process of it. This mod brings weapons and items from a galaxy far far away and right to the comfort of your own star ship... or base... or campsite... you get the gist.

What it Currently Includes:
1 Crafting table that will do all the building of your Star Wars goodies
7 Blaster pistols and 1 blaster rifle... more to come
Padawan Lightsabers your father always wanted you to have... more to come

How to Use the mod
You can craft the "StawWars Weapons Crafting Table" using the anvil (recipe is in the description)
Place the "StawWars Weapons Crafting Table" then use it to craft your items.

A bunch of blaster pistols
A 2 handed E-11 Blaster Rifle
Blasters can be dual wield (single handed pistols)
Blaster laser emits low red or green light
Lightsabers emits light that match color
Single Handed lightsabers (black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, yellow)
2 Handed lightsabers (black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, yellow)
Single handed Lightsabers can be dual wield
Lightsabers emits light that match color
All your favorite Star Wars sound effects for the weapons

Future plans:
Add more recipes for more colors DONE!
Add higher tier weapons to scale well
Fix some of the balance of the weapons DONE!
Add 2 handed Lightsaber that can also block for its alt (i hope) DONE but still working on Block if possible
Fix so that Lightsaber emits hum when equiped
Fix so that Lightsaber makes the proper hit noise
Add more blasters DONE but still more to come!
Add more 2 handed heavy blasters
Fix "Lightsabre" spelling *DOH* DONE!
Add Mine-able gems for crafting different colored light sabers and blasters DONE (for lightsabers... I'll figure an alternate for blasters)

We need your help!!!
Clearly my skills are NOT in the art department so if any of you ladies or fellas out there want to fix my crappy sprites, please do so and send them my way (PM me first) I'll credit the images to you and link back to you as well

Current art assets we need fixed:
Crafting table is just a reskin of the robot table... need to make this more Starwars looking
I dont like my lightsabers... help make it look better
I think the blasters are uglier then Jabba with an Elvis wig on... help me fix them... you're my only hope

Also feel free to add your own weapons to this mod and I can either add it in and credit you OR you can make your mod dependent on this and just add this grouping to you item

"groups" : [ "boz_weaponsofstarwarscraftingtable" ]

Combine this mod with my Logan's Patch and Strong Copper Pickaxe mod for an awesome exploration combo (healing factor and fast digging plus lightsaber to light the way and protect against monsters

I used other peoples mods or found solutions out in the forums so I must give credit where credit is due:

Blaster reference mod

Lighting to lightsabers

Starwars Crafting Table help

Brought to you by your average everyday dev at Box O Zombies (

Unzip your "" into the "mods" folder (per beta Update v. Offended Koala)

usually a place like this:
C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonStarboundmods

OH and don't forget to rate this mod, Thank you!

Enjoy :)