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A mod that allows modifying the game experience through in-game items, to the level the players decide for themselves. Great for building or testing.

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Please endorse the mod if you really like it. I love support and it gives me the feeling I haven't put in the work for nothing.

The CreativeMode mod is aimed for providing a helpful tool for players to do what they want to do. The idea is taken from the game Minecraft, where this exact mode was introduced to help players build bigger projects. This mod aims to provide this same sort of experience (if not more), all through adding in-game items. So, what will this mod provide for you?

To provide such a worry-free building environment, there's a couple of things that are important. First off, this mod adds a way to 'spawn' items in the game. This way players don't have to fly around to gather their materials for this awesome building project they had in mind. Apart from that, this mod adds some ways to get rid of the hazardous elements in Starbound through armor, weapons and a new tech that enables flight.

If that wasn't enough, this mod adds ways for players to get to a certain progression point in the game, deciding themselves to what point they want to boost themselves. If a character wipe or a corrupt savefile wiped your progress, you can use the items this mod provides to bring yourself to the same point where your old character was. The control is completely in the player's hands, and you decide yourself how far you want to take it.


- Ultimate Box. The backbone of the mod. This box will provide all items that are added by the mod. This can be seen as the backbone of this mod, and the start of where you can decide how much you want to make use of this mod. In short, if you don't use this box, this mod won't affect you.

- Spawning items. With the addition of two new custom crafting tables (the Spawning Box and the Weapons & Armor Box) which can craft almost all items with a single pixel and an item that makes all scanable objects available in your 3D printer, you have access to pretty much every single item in the game. On top of that, two seperate duplicators are added. If you want to get just a few more of a building block or furniture piece, the duplicator is there for you. One for duplicating one item at a time, one for duplicating a 100 at a time. Sadly, neither the two spawning boxes OR the duplicators work with randomly generated items.

- Tech enhancements. This mod adds it's own custom tech, called the Creative Mode Flight. It offers complete air control without energy cost. Good for building massive projects or just flying around for fun. Also adds an item that unlocks all tech in the game for your character.

- Tier by tier unlockers. Items that can unlock Starmap upgrades one sector at a time, and items that can unlock crafting tiers one tier at a time. Of course, the vanilla Starmap upgrades are also in the Spawning Box to use.

- The Ultimate Chest. A chest with 256 inventory slots. Helpful for storing those materials while building a big project!

- Combat enhancing items. A set of invincible armor, an overpowered gun and an overpowered sword. For those moments you either want to build or test something without having to worry about enemies.

- Other helpful items. There's quite a few items that can help make gameplay easier (for building, for example) or help you get back to the point you were before a character wipe. There's a way to spawn pixels. There's a super bandage. There's an item that fills your food bar up to full immediately. There's a fuel item that provides a ton of fuel. Oh, and there's a super matter manipulator, for clearing those bigger areas faster.


Read the README file that's included in the download for installation instructions.

| FAQ |

Q: What will the next updates bring?
A: I consider the mod feature complete at the moment. If there's specific requests I feel are a good addition to the mod, I'll think about it. I'll try and update the mod for later Starbound versions as quickly as possible, of course.

Q: My game is crashing when I try to open the Ultimate Box! halp!
A: There's two things you might've done wrong.

First: Check if you copied the CreativeMode folder to the right place. It has to be in X:SteamSteamAppscommonStarboundmods. It cannot be in your assets folder, or anywhere else. It has to be there.
Second: Check if you copied over the WHOLE folder, exactly as it is included in the .rar file, and not just it's contents.

Q: The platform doesn't want to smelt into the Ultimate Box! halp!
A: That's because you don't have to smelt the platform anymore, you silly. It's available for crafting in any crafting table or in your 'C' crafting menu.

Q: My game doesn't get past the loading screen! halp!
A: You have a second copy of the mod floating around somewhere in your Starbound folder. Delete anything related to the CreativeMode mod and do a fresh install.