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Adds a brand new, high-tech planet type with unique features!

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*Note if you encounter any strange issues or weird planet generation, please share them!
*You should be able to just add this to your mod folder and it'll work.
*If you go to this planet without enough fuel, you might have trouble getting off! There are trees in a small microbiome that usually spawns, and there's still ore spawns. Additionally, this'll almost always be created next to another planet!

Tech Planets aims to add a brand new, unique type of planet that vastly differs from the current set of planets. My end goal is for it to have a unique dungeon tied to it with rewards, puzzles and more. Essentially, I want it to be a gigantic dungeon that when players head to, they know they can expect something challenging and fun.

Stuff in the current version:
-Uniquely generates with its own set of terrain (including no caves)
-A semi-new sub-biome with trees
-A (small) set of surface buildings

Stuff NOT in the current version:
-The dungeon. Reason: Partially finished, it can actually generate correctly when added to the whitelist. However, due to the way the game currently handles dungeons I cannot add it to just the Tech planet type. My attempts to do so with the microdungeon code results in buggy, unfinished dungeon generation.
-Some of the surface buildings. Reason: Similar to above, microdungeon generation does not work correctly for buildings that are too tall or too deep. It just refuses to spawn them.
-Unique equipment. Reason: I'm hoping to create a set of unique Techs that spawn just on this planet. However, I want to get the planet to be dungeon and feature complete (or as comfortable as I can get it) before I start working on those.
-Unique art assets. Reason: Not an artist. Sorry, anything I create would look pretty bad!

Stuff I WANT to include later:
-A gigantic glass dome dungeon/biome that recreates planets like forests, jungles etc. Currently cannot add it due to limitations of the planet generation and the inability to manually place trees or anything like that.
-More variations. I want each planet to have a semi-unique set of surface buildings that define how it looks, from massive towers (think Star Wars), to glass domes and more.
-More microbiomes.
-More core-biomes ranging from high-tech to flesh. Currently fairly low on the list of things I want to do (since there's no easy way to reach the core of the planet right now).