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One of the Steam Workshops largest and popular mods: Shellguard Expansion is finally available on Nexus. This mod adds multiple massive questlines with fully unique bosses, hundreds of weapons, special vehicles and mechanics. This includes flying gunships and fully customizable quadruped walker CRAB mechs! Compatible with almost any other mod!

Permissions and credits
This mod is a full expansion to Starbound, focused around a new faction called Shellguard.
Shellguard is a large scale mercenary group as well as a weapons, robotics and gear manufacturer. The mod includes a MASSIVE amount of new weapons and gear, new missions, dungeons, bosses and unique vehicles with their own game play mechanics.

To begin with the mods content, you can craft a shop from the third-tier inventors table. From there, you can buy all sorts of gear and weapons, plus you'll be able to buy a special teleporter to the hub world of the Shellguard mod. A large outpost on an alpine world, the hub will give you access to all sorts of content, such as quests, unique items, special story missions and more. This teleporter can also be found on extremely rare Tier 3 and above planets. 

Some of the features of this mod, listed:

  • A completely lore and theme friendly mod to the base game, that won't conflict with other mods! (This includes large mods like Frackin Universe)

  • Two whole new campaigns with unique and original bosses.

  • An incredible amount of fun, unique guns, including a custom gun system so you can build your own!

  • Walker mechs, flying ships and hover vehicles, with their own game play mechanics.

  • Original music composed for just for the mod.

  • Robots such as drones, tanks and sentry guns that you can create that will help you fight, move around and explore!

  • A brand new hub world, separate from the outpost.

  • Mercenary missions and Arena fights, complete them for money and loot!

  • Themed dungeons for planet generation!

  • Difficult and optional end-game missions, that can go to Tier 10.

  • Unique tools to help you navigate around planets.

  • Powerful base defenses, such as automatic guns and flak turrets!

  • Brutal new mech parts!

  • Themed Decorations!

  • And much, much more!

This mod is self-contained and should be completely compatible with any other mod out there as long as those mods are set up correctly.  This includes Frackin Universe, which it is fully compatible with.

Contributors: Princess of Evil, Degranon, Chester, Mikenyes, Mr Yellowjacket, Nebulox, Loib, Omega, CS, Daggette, Armok, Easer Cat, Yes.