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ABR COP MOD is a global (audio\video\gameplay) survival overhaul with vanilla story and quests. More enemies, less freebies, not sellable looted weapons. Most of the used mods were reassambled to create a seamless experience. Be sure to check articles section and read ABR COP MOD - IMPORTANT INFO.

Permissions and credits

ABR COP MOD is a global (audio\video\gameplay) survival overhaul with vanilla story and quests. More enemies, less freebies, not sellable looted weapons. Most of the used mods were reassambled to create a seamless experience.

This mod provided to community totally free as it is. The authors are not responsible if this mod does not meet your personal expectations. This mod will not be taken apart or changed until authors will decided it should be.

If you unpack the mod and make your own tweaks, you will not receive any support, we will not fix your bugs, if you want to mod this mod, mod it yourself alone.



•This is a Global Survival Overhaul.
•Story dificulty is not a joke, it's a good starting point.
•If mission says ASAP, it means ASAP to avoid possible vanilla bugs.
•Make hard saves via ~ save [name of save without brackets] enter.
•Hard saves will help, when saves get corrupted (rarely) and you will have to replay.
•Last Evac mission in Pripyat should be played without quicksaves.
•You can't sell looted weapons (only reward or stashed ones).
•Stashes are greately reduced, all of them are given as a reward.
•Reload found guns, collect ammo, consumables, addons, mutant parts and artifacts.
•NPC's give more money only for ammo, less for everything else.
•You start with a few consumables, hunting shotgun and without outfit with 2500.
•An upgraded coat and gasmask can be found on Zaton.
•You can get free echo detector for the quest.
•Hard lock on Zaton until you invistigate all three helicopters.
•Helicopters are guarded. You need to plan your actions and equipment.
•Use covers against psy mutants, use high rocks against other mutants.
•Use covers when you encounter armed enemies. NPC's shooting as good as you.
•There are much more mutants and monolith forces are present on Zaton and Jupiter.
•Use grenade launchers against dangerous or big mutants (Nimble's .338LM sniper rifles).
•Zaton is area of light armour and low tier weapons.
•You can order unique hi-end weapons and armours (a quest one too) from Nimble on Zaton.
•Jupiter Underground mission to get to Pripyat will unlock all Zaton trader stock.
•Jupiter trader stock updates if you help Duty or Freedom.
•Help both Duty and Freedom twice to unlock almost all Jupiter Trader stock.
•Jupiter Underground mission will unlock heavy equipment for Jupiter Trader.
•If suddenly you can't move, don't forget you have weight limitations.
•Message from guider in Pripyat is your last chance to visit Zaton and avoid some bugs.
•Some weapons and outfits skins are added to add a variety.
•Weapons can't be rechambered, outfits have no healing upgrades.

•Extended ambient soundtrack with best tracks from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.
•Cinematic weapon sounds.

•Each location has its new weather cycle and autumn nature type.
•More NPC's model skins.

ABR - mods merging, audio\video\gameplay conception, tester
PYP - weapon modelling and animation tweaks, engine tweaks, tester
SAM - gameplay conception advisor, tester

Zaton trailer video
Yanov trailer video
Pripyat trailer video
Weapon video

Used Mods:
• UNOFFICIAL PATCH 2.0 by Yurok and many others
• NanoCell Inventory by CrommCruac (ABR version)
• AtmosFear 3 by CrommCruac (ABR lite version) (Thanks to Overfist for emission fix)
• Absolute Nature 4.04 by CrommCruac (Unofficial lite version)
• Absolute Nature 2 by CrommCruac
• MSO v1.0.1 by Alundaio and Trojanuch (ABR version)
• Heavy Iron Hud by Mortalheaven (ABR version)
• Phobos: Artefacts Reloaded Mod (PHARM) by FantomICW
• Variation Mod 1.41 by Darkenneko (ABR version)
• CoP HUD Reworked 2.0 by Smurth, Rulix and many others (ABR version)
• Face hero retextures by Sec (Removed scars)
• NPC and monster textures overhaul by ABR
• Corrected structure textures by ABR
• Anomaly Sound Replacement by Sclera
• Better nightvision for COC by TGP96 (ABR version)
• Absolute Structures Texture Pack by CrommCruac, Ceano, NeilMC
• BloodyMess mod v1.1 by Detroit_Vigilanty, pseudoant, Hades, Neod
• MK2 Artefact Detector Icons for CoC 1.4.22 and 1.5 R6
• STALKER Simple Upgrade Icons by Picisarkany (ABR version)
• STCOP 2.8\3.2\3.3 by Ga2z & M0rtan and many others
• Arsenal Overhaul 3.1 by E.Nigma42 and many others
• OWR3 by r_populik and many others
• 30,45 and 60rnd mags for AK74(5.45x39) by Paul Yakushev
• PGO7V scope model by Paul Yakushev, textures by Gunslinger mod
• HK G36 model by Mr. Brightside, Noodum, textures Domcha
• Add_Fix_SGM_2_2 by makdm
• Advanced Detectors by ExtremeAlpaca (ABR version)
• Weapon condition depending on the fraction by WinCap from AMK-Forum 09.04.17
• Butcher mod by Singapur22, alex5773
• Nobody will die by Asfagan a.k.a. StalkerVolkodav (fixed by makdm)
• Ezio_Auditore900 - deleted stashes (ABR version)
• ShWM v2.1 by Shoker Team (sweater model, helmet variations made by PYP)
• Sweater texture by LafuGix
• Freedom exo sleeves from Outfit Addon 1.4.7 by VodkaChicken
• Re-skinned Gloves for COP by AdayDr1en and HeNe (Used as overlay for sharpness)
• Widescreen Scope Fix by DoctorX from EpicStalkerForum
• Shocker HQ geometry by Shoker team (Ported by PYP)
• Foggy sky textures by Cromm Cruac from Autumn Aurora 2.1 by Autumn Wanderers
• SWTC COP (few sun presets) by Vincent Vega
• Cut X-Ray pack 1 for CoP 1.6.02 (first person death) by SkyLoader
• Music from Shadow of Chernobyl by Mooze and Clear Sky by Alexey Omelchuk

More info in "readme files of used mods" folder.

Engine tweaks ported by PYP from:
CoC-Xray Team , OpenXRay Team , xrOxygen Team, OGSR Team & Their Contributors -
consisting of, but not limited to: Abramcumner, alpet, Alundaio/revolucas,
andrew-boyarshin, Avoitishin, awdavies, AxelDominatoR, CasualDev242, Charsi82,
CrossVR, ForserX, FreeZoneMods, Giperion, Gunslinger/gunslingermod, intorr, invokr,
Kaffeine, KD, KRodinn, Kolmogor, LtPetrov, Mortan, mrmnwar, Nitrocaster, RainbowZerg,
RayTwitty, Rietmon, Roman-n, RvP, Shoker/ShokerStlk, Sin!, SkyLoader, Swartz,
tamlin-mike, Tron, vamit611, qweasdd136963, Xottab-DUTY, xWolfx,
Полтергейст(Poltergeist), Dx74rghs

Thanks to PYP for making 2.0 come true.
Thanks to SAMmy for testing.
Thanks to Joe Donnelly for featuring previous version in PCGamer.
Thanks to BigBizkit, for inviting ABR MOD to NexusMods.