S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl
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  1. PalateSwap
    • member
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    this keeps crashing to desktop, but when it does the .log files are blank. I've seen other threads on various forums about random persistent crashing but no-one seems to come away with any solutions or advice. Does anyone have any experience fixing these crashes, or how to get a log when it does happen?

    Edit: Have found tips including disableing prefetching, lowering godrays, disabling ssao, changing sound device and disabling eax, yet crashing persists.
  2. XxParagonSporkxX
    • BANNED
    • 166 posts
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    it crashes when i try to leave rostok and go into the wild territory (duty member)
    1. UhuruNUru
      • premium
      • 979 posts
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      Spoiler tag this crap

      It's not hard
      this without spaces
      [ spoiler ]
      Your long assed log file
      [ / spoiler ]
    2. N1ghtmareMoon
      • supporter
      • 10 posts
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      You're an a**hole dude.
  3. WastelanderStefan
    • member
    • 79 posts
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    Yes, I have a big nerve dress and am ready to see over many things but there are points on this mod which must be changed very, very urgently, until then I will not recommend the mod!

    Difficulty: Rookie!
    - NPC
    6 head shots with the SVD / SVU
    3 headshots with the Gauss
    Up to 2 magazines (! Per enemy, and that are just the military

    All together from less than 150 meters distance, are a thing of impossibility, and make this mod unplayable (temporarily)

    Please change times that you do not just start with a Pistol and a handful of hope, just as Bandit / Merc or Monolith is properly glued

    I fall guaranteed still more, will then change here again
    1. Celeplex
      • member
      • 4 posts
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      Play on Master difficulty and you'll feel the difference. Rookie makes everyone into bulletsponges, including yourself. Stalker was meant to be played on Master, the right way.
  4. askfor
    • member
    • 2,132 posts
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    A little help, please. I have started the game as Freedom member at Army Warehouses. My problem is radiation. There is a lot of it around the base, and my starting equipment is shotgun and rookie suit, which offers no protection. I don't have money for anti radiation drugs. I managed to kill some stalkers and got some ammo, AK, L-85 and Fort in decent condition which I got repaired. However, radiation is a problem. Any time I go little farther from the base I got irradiated and have to load previous save. My game is getting nowhere, so I stopped playing, for now. Is there anything I am doing wrong ?
    1. User_61472606
      • account closed
      • 9 posts
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      Welcome to the Zone, stalker.
  5. V1K1N9
    • premium
    • 73 posts
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    On installing my copy of Stalker: Call of Pripyat, I received this blow to my gonads:

    "The Hardware highlighted in RED doesn't meet the game's system requirements:
    (these two were highlighted in red):
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070~-1024MB [2715x1527]
    Operating System: Unsupported Operating System (windows10)"

    WTF do I do?
    I did read the requirements on description page, is this why I need direct x end-user runtime 2010 and Visual C++2013 driver? So that all of our modern versions of PC can run the out-dated programs? It might seem obvious to some people, but for people with asbergers and people who read things to the letter, it might be a good idea to explain why we need those two retro-fit programs.

    I downloaded the files from files page, and followed instructions and video tutorials on youtube, I do have a valid copy of Call of Pripyat, and installed the required tools (on descriptioni page). I have admin permission for my computer. However, when launching the CoC_exe to test it, it just doesn't launch. I get the windows 'bling' tone when windows asks me to allow program to run, then on clicking yes, then a small launch window appears with Call of Chernobyl thumbnail, but then I just get the windows 'blong' tone, and nothing happens.

    Additionally, prior to installation, during extracting of the downloaded 7z archive to my desktop, 7z notifies me of several errors. Seven errors to be precise:
    1 data error: STALKER call of Chernobyl\database\maps\K00_Marsh.db
    2 data error: STALKER call of Chernobyl\database\maps\103_agroprom.db
    3 data error: STALKER call of Chernobyl\database\maps\pripyat.db
    4 data error: STALKER call of Chernobyl\database\resource\meshes.db0
    5 data error: STALKER call of Chernobyl\database\resource\textures.db1
    6 data error: STALKER call of Chernobyl\database\resource\textures.db2
    7 data error: STALKER call of Chernobyl\database\sound\sounds.db

    These errors repeat on re-trying download of files and then extracting.
    What is wrong?
  6. User_48943468
    • account closed
    • 387 posts
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    why so big

    such a shame
    1. RiddimMachine
      • account closed
      • 97 posts
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      Probably because it's a complete standalone game, perhaps? Requirements for CoP are solely for copyright infringement avoidance purposes only.

      @Alundaio Even though you're not active here often, just posting to say thanks. Redownloaded the patch here only for the purpose of endorsing and expressing my gratitude to the team. :)
  7. DoomBlackDragon
    • supporter
    • 47 posts
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    I can not download the mod. If I try here. It instantly fails. If I try on moddb.com I will get

    The connection was reset

    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

    I have my firewall and antivirus turned off. Is there a way to get around this and download it
  8. jleeto
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    I have a problem but I'm not sure if it's a bug. Basically I'm in the Loner faction and I'm doing quests for people in Cordon. For some unknown reason now I have one or two loners in Cordon who are trying to kill me. I don't know why because my reputation is good. Is it because I've done a couple "revenge kill" and "reverse bounty" quests and have created some enemies in the loner faction? I don't want to kill them because it lowers my reputation and causes everyone in Cordon to be hostile to me if I do so. I've tried standing behind other people in Cordon and causing them to take the bullets trying to get the NPC's to kill them but they have no reaction to being shot by these hostile Loners.

    My three choices now are 1. try to lure the hostile Loners into Army/Bandit crossfire or Anomolies or something and hope they die.2. Kill them and become enemies to everyone in my faction for defending myself. 3. Restart the damn game and hope it doesn't happen again? I really don't want to restart because I've logged 16 hours of playtime and have finally managed to get some good weapons and armor.

    Anyone have this problem before?
    1. lucifer1978
      • member
      • 458 posts
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      I try to stay away from bounty quests from now on, i did once a bounty quest that sidorovich gave me and everyone was trying to hunt me down. So lesson learned never take bounty quests
  9. jpmonteith
    • member
    • 234 posts
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    Been playin' it a bit, started the first time as a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. which I feel is the point, first time started in the beginner's village, and ended up having a hard time, so I started over at random, this time I was put in Zaton, and in Zaton, I noticed that things feel rather empty for some reason. I'm still running into enemies and mutants and such, but what feels empty to me is that I seem not to be encountering many fellow S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s, nor any of the friendly factions out in the field. Most I've seen of factions throughout Zaton were a few Mercs, and a few Monolith soldiers...1 armed with a gauss rifle.
    1. jpmonteith
      • member
      • 234 posts
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      Seems to be only Zaton, so far as I've played. I started over and over again, til' the most recent campaign, this time I chose to spawn in the rookie village, and then run to the swamps and Clear Sky. There, I've encountered numerous friendly npc's mostly Clear Sky faction, and one Duty NPC. Honestly, I feel like Zaton should have more loner groups, or at least a mix of loners, bandits, Freedom and Duty, generally anyone, since it's a large field.
    2. jpmonteith
      • member
      • 234 posts
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      Now I've been lately having issues with the game lagging to hell. It seems like something my computer can run, no problem, but for whatever reason, every now-and-then it just lags; music skips, and every step is like a slide show.
    3. jpmonteith
      • member
      • 234 posts
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      Back again, so now it's not lag, the game will start fine, it won't constantly lag to hell, but what will happen is after a few minutes, the game will crash, and tell me to see log for details.

      Edit: I also have no add-ons with the game, just the update.
    4. lucifer1978
      • member
      • 458 posts
      • 1 kudos
      Go to options/game and change the population factor on both mutants and stalkers to 0.25, keep in mind that it need a new game to fully take effect see if that helps, also disable the sun shadow that helped me a lot
  10. lucifer1978
    • member
    • 458 posts
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    I need some help here i get over and over the same error
    unhandled exception occurred see log for details
    stack trace:

    0023:0A460284 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::TopInputReceiver()
    0023:0A478360 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::TopInputReceiver()

    [error][ 8]

    this is a fresh install with the latest patch no mods installed yet

    ok so here is how i get this error (only happens when i am in game)1st time i enter the options change the resolution or enable/disable the v-sync hit apply than i go back in game i hit esc 2nd time press options and boooom unhandled exception occurred see log for details