Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
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TLDR - Faster and more consistent swinging and traversal. Now for Miles Morales!

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A brief summary of the tweaks:
- Maximum swing speed, as well as terminal velocity, has been increased. Utilize free diving and maintain
horizontal trajectory in your swings to gain massive speed.
- (NEW - Miles Morales only!): Venom boost speed increased.
- The amount of boost provided by web zipping has been increased.
Additionally, web zipping when swinging fast, as long as you maintain
your trajectory, will maintain more momentum than it used to.
- You will lose less momentum when zipping around corners and over rooftops.
Combine this with some strategic web zipping to gain some awesome air
- Perfect point launches will send you flying further and faster, and roll jumps (ie - falling to the ground and then pressing
jump immediately to leap back up) will maintain more momentum.
- Overhauled "Input Boost" values and progression. Utilize your
forward/back keys (or the forward and back position on your joystick) to
gain some serious speed boost or even slow yourself down for tight
corners/relaxed swinging.
- Faster sprinting, higher jumping, and certain parkour elements are faster (wall running, wall jumping, pole swinging) Work is
still being done to figure out how to speed up the other parkour
- 2 Swinging presets to cater for speed preferences.
- (Optional) More realistic representation of momentum with regards to gravity. Fall faster, and turning in mid air is now way harder. You are
forced to deal with the momentum you have accumulated (to a certain
degree) and must utilize clever swing angles or web zips to deal with
tight turns.


Pick a preset - Standard or Faster. For traversal, the weighted version makes tight mid air turns harder, leading to more realistic, pendulum like swings, however swinging in general is more challenging.