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A small tweak that enables aura for one hour even though they're not present in the current action group.

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This is an extremely simple tweak to how the three auras on the leadership skill tree work. Normally, for an aura to be active, it needs to be placed on your current action group which is the menu that lets you select three skills and use them. This tweak adds a duration of an hour to Rally, Perseverance and Respite. They will stay active even after switching to a group that doesn't contain them. This being said, they are still recognized as auras and they will only be applied to heroes and up to 10/20 allies close to your avatar.

I made this change because I was getting tired of having to switch action groups to use a skill and then switch back immediately to keep the aura active. I could see to change them to a buff or something fancier but the current solution keeps vanilla limitations and is satisfactory to me.

This change was made by adding a duration tag in the hero_abilities_sp_NEW to Rally, Perseverance and Respite. It was tested on, as for now, the latest patch 1.22.