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An open source savegame editor that allows editing the most important values of your savegames

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In case that the files are quarantined (this happens automatically because they contain executables), you can always get the
latest version from github

Hello everyone,
this savegame editor currently has the following features:
  • Edit Player Stats (Strength, MaxHealth, CurrentHealth, Fullness etc.)
  • Move Player to Virginia & Kelvin
  • Edit Game Setup (Game Mode, Spawn Rate, Survival Damage etc.)
  • Edit Inventory (Add/Remove items, change quantities)
  • Edit Armor Data (Add Armor Pieces, change durability)
  • Edit Weather Data (Weather, Seasons...)
  • Edit Game State Data (Playtime, Doors open/closed, Bunkers opened/closed)
  • Edit Storage Data (Unlimited Logs, sticks etc.)
  • Edit Influences of Players towards Kelvin and Virginia
  • Edit NPCs
  • Edit Structures / Blueprints
  • Interactive Map
    - Spawn enemies/actors using the map- Display zip lines- Teleport the player/followers to caves, bunkers, enemies, zip lines- Show information about the most important POIs- Filter items and bunkers if you have the required items to access or if you have already collected everything
  • Theme Support
  • Ignite and refuel all fires as well as lowering their fuel drain rate
  • Reset Structural Damage
  • Teleport to and clone World Objects like Glider and Knight V
  • Reset consumed items
  • Modify Virginias equipped items
  • Change Virginias and Kelvins outfits
  • Spawn an army of Virginias and Kelvins
  • Several experiments
  • Revive Virginia & Kelvin
  • Set stats for Virginia & Kelvin
  • Move Kelvin & Virginia to Player or each other
  • Regrow Trees selectively (All, Removed, Half-Chopped, Stumps)
  • Reset containers, crates and pickups in caves and open world
  • Backup changed files automatically
  • ... more features are planned

It tries to be as less intrusive as possible in order to keep maximum compatibility. The item list for inventory is also (almost) complete as far as I know.
More features are planned.

You need the .net Runtime 6.0+ in order to run the application.

You can find more information as well as the project on github.