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This is a function > fashion reshade. intended to be a CAVE & NIGHT lightener specifically. Not intended for but useable during day. V.2 now has much better color over all lighting scenarios although I still recommend toggling it off during the day.

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User ShadowXisDe found a work-around to the crashing on start up in V1.0 and newer so major thanks to them! The work-around is this:

"the game crashes if you go into the menu with the preset loaded on reshade, the workaround i found is to disable automatic loading of presets when you open the game, just go to the game .exe folder and open
"reshade.ini", here you need to change "NoReloadOnInit" from =0 to =1,
after loading up your save just reload the shaders using the hotkey and
the preset should work just fine."

I have no idea why this would be, the reshade is like 2 or 3 fairly standard effects. I did notice in my limited playing since 1.0 that nights are brighter though, at least while the moon is out. Thanks for the support and I apologize for any headaches caused in recent months.

EDIT: V.2 now has much better color in all lighting scenarios. The daytime looks MUCH less washed out as do all light sources, but I still recommend toggling it off during the day for a more visually appealing experience. My in-game settings are now set to default 50% Gamma and 50% Brightness. I recommend copying these settings while using this reshade, but of course adjust to your own liking. If you have already installed V1 or Reshade for SOTF just drop this .ini in your install folder with the other .ini's, then once in game hit the Home key and make sure you see "Let there be Light V.2" is the selected .ini. If this is your first time installing, please reference the install instructions below. Enjoy!

The game is so incredibly dark and torches and the lighter fail to remedy this. While I usually loathe when games make nights excessively light, Endnight went a little too hard on the night realism and at times it feels unplayable. This is intended to be a CAVE & NIGHT mod but it also looks fine for rummaging through the forest during the day. A bit drab, but that's intentional, so you don't sear your eyeballs if you forget to toggle it off while exiting a cave or opening your inventory. 

I personally recommend toggling it off during the day as the vanilla game looks quite nice and this will make day look like a washed out sepia filter. 

My in-game brightness level is set to 50%  and Gamma at 50%

My screens are Samsung Q60 55" TV & an Acer Nitro 2022 and I have them set with mildly elevated contrast. 

Adjust the reshade settings to fit your liking. 


-Download the latest version of reshade (not the add on support one) :

-Open the .exe and find Sons of the Forest on the list and select it. 

-Choose direct X 10/11/12

-When asked to select preset to install hit browse and navigate to the Let there be Light.ini and then hit next until it is done installing. 

-Start the game you'll see letters in the upper left corner. Hit the Home key and follow the tutorial or skip it. 

-To set a toggle hit the Home key to open the reshade menu, click settings tab in the top left corner, click in the toggle text box and hit any key, click back to home tab, hit home key to close.