Songs of Syx
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Balances the Crime rates of races based on Dev's description.

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Re-Balanced crime rates
All races should have crime rates according to their History/Nature and Dev Jake's general description

**Not yet compatible with 
Reworked Vanilla Race Work Skills ( as the same files are modified ) Patch will came later on ...

For big old "brutes" they cause 0 problems, which is a bit off ...
Changes :
Vanilla- 0% crime rate
Mod    - 1% crime rate

For peaceful farmers they seem to cause a lot of trouble ...
Changes :
Vanilla- 20% crime rate
Mod    - 5% crime rate

Now here is the surprise, compared to the Humans and Cretonians, the Garthimis are extremely peaceful which kind goes of against their whole Destructive history in Syx world history and general Nature ...
Changes :
Vanilla- 10% crime rate
Mod    - 60% crime rate

You don't have to think pretty hard to know why the Humans are the main trouble makers, anyways reducing it for the sake of not causing too many "revolts" all around your capitol ( and for the sake of also not making the Garthimis too rowdy  in comparison ) ...
Changes :
Vanilla- 50% crime rate
Mod    - 40% crime rate

They keep to themselves but are distrustful of strangers, since they have been for the longest part left in charge of protecting a large forest boundry that divided the Forsaken Lands and the lands that where watched over by the gods of Syx ...
Changes :
Vanilla- 10% crime rate
Mod    - 20% crime rate

Installation Guides provided in the DOCS and ARTICLES tabs, please read them before asking "hOW i INstALl tHis mOd" type of questions.

Creative criticism and commentary are appreciated.