Songs of Syx
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Makes all races worth having in your grand city, (instead of just having Dondorians and Cretonians do all the work).

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Know that every Download will go towards the Ukraine Relief Effort

If you like me, you like to mid-max your workshops and place races where they're most Fulfilled and Skilled at.

... after all, what's better than a happy and productive subject.

= This mod tries to take into account the races history and biography in the world of Syx =
= To expand all races to more fields of work, basically=

Lads and Lasses I give you
( Reworked vanilla Race Work Skills )

  • Cantors
THY oldest, most venerable and blessed being with near immortality, their imposing stature and strength makes you think twice. 

  • Cretonians
The children of Crator, farmers life is their calling and their expertize for farming is what makes them INDISPENSABLE for any would be Despot.

  • Dondorians
Born from the hills and mountains of Syx, they're by instinct natural Miners, Master Crafters, this is why you'll see them populate your workshops, refineries and mines.

  • Garthimis
Abominations of Syx, created by the fallen god in their ungodly war. After the war, Garthimis retreated to caves and mountains and raided everyone who settle too close to them. Natural fighters with an exoskeleton to suit ...

  • Humans
The last ones to come into Syx but certainly the most intelligent, perfect for researching and administrating your kingdom ... somewhat good at farming.

  • Tilapis
Protectors of the ancient forests that divide the lands of Syx and the forbidden lands beyond. Their love for the forests, animals and their natural aggression for outsiders are the things that set them apart from the rest.

All these changes are to make races more distinct, better at their fields of expertise taking in account their history, anatomy, environments and more importantly their biography according to the Dev ... and to cut off the Dondorians a bit, Overpowered midgets ...

Installation Guides provided in the DOCS and ARTICLES tabs, please read them before asking "hOW i INstALl tHis mOd" type of questions.

Creative criticism and commentary are appreciated but don't pull my leg off.