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Pursuing a Warband of Orcs, your party has tracked them back to an ancient shrine. Just as you are about to ambush the war party, the ground beneath you gives way and you tumble into the darkness below....

Permissions and credits
Module is done with the Beta Toolset for Solasta, which is in early access at this time. Module is for 5th-7th level characters

Download the file unzip it, and place it in this directory
C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta\UserContent\Locations


...Right click on the .JSON mod file, Copy... then start up the game and click Dungeon Creator... then click the button that says FILE LOCATION... then paste the .JSON file into that directory and it will appear and you can play the module. 

Start up your Solasta Game and select New Adventure>Campaigns>User Campaign>change. You should see the module Hidden Shrine of Dramacht listed there to select. You can then add characters. 

This module requires the characters you use to be 5th-7th level. 
So you will have to go into your Character Vault, select the characters you want to use (or make new ones) and select the Level Up button and continue leveling them to 5th, 6th, or 7th level depending on what level of characters you wish to take through. 

The initial area is the Base Camp, I have left many of the items you would have in the original Solasta Campaign at these levels in a Chest next to the resting point. BUT they will have to be Identified so bring a character capable of identifying magic items if you wish to use them. I have also left Rations in the Chest so you can take a Long Rest and Prepare Spells as your characters are likely to have auto selected spells at this point. 

You can Identify the Items with the Identify spell and the Ritual Button to allow you to cast it as many times as you like. 

This module is tested with 5th level characters, but if you want an easier challenge you can select 7th level characters to use as well. 

This module is surprisingly difficult and with a large number of enemies, come prepared. 

Playtime is around 3 Hours.