Solasta: Crown of the Magister
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  • Updated

    **Updates 8/25** Gone through each map to make sure all keys are available. should not have any more progress halting.
    Deleted all Community Expansion items and to make sure things would work properly i removed the mod from my game file to make sure everything works properly without it.
    Added extra keys to be safe for no one getting stuck in certain places. 
    Balance Changed a few encounters.
    Added some extra details to certain maps to make them feel more immersive. 
    Sorry for any inconvenience. appreciate all feedback and hope you enjoy it!

  • Updates 8-21

    Fixed multiple doors that keys were not loading in.

    For some reason if you do not have Community expansion some items disappear even though they were placed in game.

    It should be fixed. 

    Please PM me or post if you find any issues so i can fix them asap...

  • New Lost mines of Phandelver

    Your Dwarven friend has asked you to deliver some cargo to the town of Phandalin.
    He says he has a business adventure that will make you all rich! Travel to the town and prepare for an epic journey to a dangerous mine filled with creatures and treasure

    Developer Notes:

    This is the second iteration and i have taken community feedback to heart. Revamped some level designs and encounters to even if you have played the first version it'll feel different.
    Quest system and rewards vastly helped the campaign thrive. Combat encounters are still tough but doable on higher difficulties (mostly) as it is the type of gameplay i enjoy (If its too hard there's difficulty settings)

    Grammar and typos are probably constant. (Wasnt much of a priority since you...