Solasta: Crown of the Magister
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A cozy headquarter to trade and craft !

It is meant as an immersive space for preparing before adventuring or to sell your loot after an adventure. You can even use it *before* the main campaign for your level 1 characters (see below). You will find everything you need to craft (including resting), but you can also buy magical items.

Permissions and credits
NEW : there are now two versions.  The default first file does not require any DLC (as before).  The new second file is for the Lost Valley DLC items and recipes.

You can craft (including resting), but you can also buy magical items. 

There is also free basic gear to make sure your level 1 characters have the proper armor, weapons, tools, focus, etc.

First, this is not a mod : it does not modify anything in the vanilla game. It is a "campaign" (only one small map) you can use to adjust your gear before the main story or before and after Dungeon Maker campaigns. 

Simply send your characters to the campaign called Your Headquarters (in the main menu: New Adventure > Change campaign). 
- You do *not* need to link this location to another DM space.  
- When you leave, the game will give you the option to Update your characters. 

This is only useful before and after : going here in the middle of an adventure will not update your saved game in another campaign. :P 

- It is not a Location, but a "Campaign" so-to-speak so you can easily enter and leave with your Updated characters. 
- It does not use any of the DM merchants, but instead has custom merchants better adapted to sell your loot.  The quartermaster has all the gear and crafting supplies and the loremaster all the spells (20% rebate).  


- After selling an item, if it was a mistake, you can buy it back for approximately the same price.  It is your headquarter after all. 
- Selling items gives you about 78% of the official value, which is a good amount (much more than in the main campaign).  This is important as DM campaigns do not benefit from the Scavenger faction. 

- Quartermaster Galar sells all poison recipes beyond basic ones*, all enchantement recipes, and all you need to craft. 
- Loremaster Maddy sells all scroll recipes. [Note that the Dungeon Maker limits scribing recipes to levels 1-4, with one level 5 spell (Banishment).]
( NOTE : all recipes are forgotten when you start any campaign : this is a design issue with Solasta. Therefore, you might want to carry some recipes in your Inventory and learn them after starting a campaign.)

- Items are sold at 20% rebate. 
- Quartermaster Galan sells all crafting ingredients, but also all magical items. 
- Loremaster Maddy sells the scribing recipes and also the premade scrolls (Wizards rejoice!).  

IDENTIFY : of course Detect Magic and Identify are free services.


* Level 1 scroll recipes, basic smithing recipes (enchanted arrows/bolts), and basic poison recipes are available for free in a container upstairs (which is the crafting workshop and sleeping area).  We consider that all characters who are proficient in scribing should know the basics for the level 1 spells they know.  

* Free basic tools : the workshop area also has a few sets of tools in case your party is missing them for any reason.  

* Also 30 free rations to help you rest/craft. 

* Free basic weapons and armor : basic non-magical weapons and armor are also available for free, so new characters can have their preferred weapons and
relevant armor before starting their adventures. 

* Free arcane/divine foci : holy symbols, component pouch, etc.

Place the file Your headquarters.json in the folder
C:\Users\(profile name)\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta\UserContent\Campaigns

Also available on the Steam Workshop.  I placed it here for non-Steam users.


Ideally, some prices would need adjustments, notably the spell scrolls which are very expensive in comparison to the prices of magical items as such (some are even errors, like Stoneskin for 50gp, etc.).  The scroll recipes are somewhat affordable though, especially as you do not need to buy them all.   It is unclear for me now if prices can be altered without causing issues. 

Suggestions and feedback welcome.
How to adapt your gear BEFORE the MAIN campaign

I have noticed some understandable confusion from new players, so here is some basic information that should help...

Warning : Pregenerated characters (those the game offers by default) cannot be modified/updated.  You must make your own new level 1 characters.

1) New characters (level 1) can change their gear and grab recipes in "Your Headquarters campaign".  
Extra note : place recipes in your Inventory and do not read them (unless you wish to craft in your headquarters).  Recipes are sadly not updated to characters between campaigns, in all circumstances.  Recipes therefore need to be re-learnt at every single beginning of any campaign.  This is a game design issue. 
2) IMPORTANT: they must then exit the headquarters using the blue area and you must click all the Update buttons for all 4 characters. 
3) You can now simply start the MAIN campaign with those same updated level 1 characters. 

Everything was tested as working normally when starting the main campaign with level 1 characters that first visited Your Headquarters.  

By the way, when you begin the main campaign, non-player characters (like merchants) will ignore you until you do the first few tasks required by the main story in Solasta.

- You can see past updates with the Changelog tab above on this page.