Solasta: Crown of the Magister
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Your locked in the Shadow King's putrid prison, scheduled for execution, but someone has kidnapped his son. You rescue him, you live. Did I mention there's an apocalypse happening? Grim, claustrophobic, manic, with a dash of perversion. Queue your favorite Metal album and press 'play'. Let's do this.

Permissions and credits
Rated M for Mature
Mod creator recommends:
-Humans only
-Enable 'Universal Scrolls'
-Enable 'Crafting Roll Success'
Mork Borg TTRPG created by Pelle Nilsson
'Rotblack Sludge' by Pelle Nilsson, adaptation by Andrew Weills
-Find me on Twitter @Android705. Also check out my Hall of Fame NeverWinter Night's mod, 'A Song of Ice and Fire: The Night's Watch' at

Character Creation
All character creation aspects should be randomly generated when possible. Here is a guideline:
1. Race - Humans Only in Mork Borg
2. Class - Roll a d8. Read left to right (1 Cleric, 2 Fighter, 3 Paladin, 4 Ranger, 5 Rogue, 6 Sorcerer, 7 Wizard, 8 Reroll).
3. Equipment - select whatever. It won't help you.
4. Background - Roll a d8. (1 Academic, 2 Acolyte, 3 Aristokraft, 4 Law, 5 Lowlife, 6 Phil, 7 Sellsword, 8 Spy)
5. Personality - Roll 2d4 and 2d10. Reroll duplicates.
6. Ability Scores - Roll randomly for abilities 7 times. Hit optimize.
7. Skills - Pick what you want.
8. Name - Pick what you want or reference Mork Borg book by Free League Publishing for random name generator.

Do this for each character.

You must also download 2. Mork Borg: Rotblack Sludge and 3. Mork Borg:Rotblack Sludge or it will be a very short journey.

This Solastra Module, Mork Borg: Rockblack Sludge, is an independent production by Android705 and is not affiliated with Ockult Ortmastare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the Mork Borg third party agreement and all copyrighted content belongs to Ockult Ortmastare Games and Stockholm Kartell.

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