Solasta: Crown of the Magister

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Final module of the Slave Lords series bringing characters from level 7th to level 10th.
Hunt for the Hidden Base of the Slave Lords and eradicate their threat for good.

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Begin in P1 In Pursuit of the Slave Lords in your dungeon listings. This module is for characters 7th-8th and will bring them to level 10. 

Chapter 4: In Pursuit of the Slave Lords

With the Slave Pits and Stockade now destroyed the Slavers have retreated back to their secret base in the Badlands. The Lady Almalphia and her alliance, using the information you gained from the Stockade have managed to disrupt and uproot the entire network. 
Only one thing remains... the final destruction of the Slave Lords and their hidden base. You cannot allow them time to rebuild their network or the whole nightmare will start again. Using the Map you obtained in the Stockade you set off into the Badlands. 
But to reach thier hidden base you will have to journey deep into the Badlands, to the Forest of the Crimson Spiders to find the Caverns of the Remorhaz, and it is hatching season for the acidic Crimson Spiders. 
You stand at the edge of the forest, in preparation for the perilous journey ahead...    

This is the 4th in a series of modules for your exported characters. . 
Module 1: Haunted Keep of the Slavers
Module 2: Assault on the Slave Lords
Module 3: Stockade of the Slave Lords
Module 4: In Pursuit of the Slave Lords (Finale)

Module 1 will get your characters to 4th level, Module 2 will take them from 4th to 6th level. Module 3 will then take them to 7th level, Module 4 will then take them to 10th level. 

Download the file unzip it, and place it in this directory
C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta\UserContent\Locations


...Right click on the .JSON mod files, Copy... then start up the game and click Dungeon Creator... then click the button that says FILE LOCATION... then paste the .JSON file into that directory and it will appear and you can play the module. 

Start up your Solasta Game and select New Adventure>Campaigns>User Campaign>change. 

START the Adventure on P1 In Pursuit of the Slave Lords