Solasta: Crown of the Magister

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Sequel to Assault on the Slave Lords. Into the Badlands you go to find the Secret Stockade of the Slave Lords.

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Module for 5th-6th level characters and sequel to Assault on the Slave Lords

Lady Almalphia is furious after her treatment by the Slavers. Her rural manor was destroyed and her servants captured or killed. She gathered many like minded nobles from the surrounding areas and is now bankrolling the party to go after them and take them down. She wants the entire Slavers network destroyed. 
Using the information from the maps you gained in the Slave Pits, she has asked you to seek out this Stockade along the slave trade route. She wants you to rescue any who are held there and destroy it if possible. But failing that, obtain any information on the network which will aid in bringing the whole thing down. 
As luck would have it, while searching for the Stockade, a half starved slave stumbled into your path. It turned out he had escaped from the Stockade and new a secret way for you to get in. A well concealed rope he left out of a tower in the curtain wall. 
With his directions you manage to find the Fort hidden in a glen. You set up a base camp outside of their patrols and prepare yourself... to take on the Stockade of the Slavers. 
NOTE: If you wish to do the Night Raid as was originally intended, just set camp until nightfall, or rest and scribe a few scrolls or short rest until the night time.

This is the 3rd in a series of modules for your exported characters. 
Module 1: Haunted Keep of the Slavers
Module 2: Assault on the Slave Lords
Module 3: Stockade of the Slave Lords
Module 4: In Pursuit of the Slave Lords (Finale)

Download the file unzip it, and place it in this directory
C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta\UserContent\Locations


...Right click on the .JSON mod files, Copy... then start up the game and click Dungeon Creator... then click the button that says FILE LOCATION... then paste the .JSON file into that directory and it will appear and you can play the module. 

Start up your Solasta Game and select New Adventure>Campaigns>User Campaign>change. 

START the Adventure on S0 Stockade of the Slave Lords