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Allows you to combine many types of low level poisons and potions into a single high level one at cooking pots.

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This is a port of a mod for the original Skyrim - if you are looking for the original version of the mod it can be found >>HERE<<

If you're like me, over the course of a game you tend to either forget to use or outright ignore many of the lower level potions you still come across all over the game world once you start finding or making really good potions.  Whether from enemy loot, dungeon chests or just lying around loose, most players tend to accumulate a large amount of low level potions that have effects that are fairly weak and useless on their own if you don't intend to use 5 of them at once.  This mod allows you to combine these lower level potions into higher level ones at a cooking pot or spit, making those formerly less than useful potions and poisons useful again as you use your Alchemy skill to combine them into much more potent versions.

At a low Alchemy skill level your available crafting recipes will be rather inefficient as you will require more low level components in order to create high level results.  The higher your Alchemy skill rises as you improve your skill from this mixing along with your normal alchemy pursuits, the fewer the number of low level potions and poisons are required to create the higher level versions as lower level and inefficient recipes are replaced with high efficiency and in some cases extra powerful recipes - that is sometimes you'll get a more powerful result than what you might have expected from the components you put into a combination if your skill level is high enough.  All of the various cooking apparatus (pots and spits) have been modified to grant Alchemy skill when creating items at the respective crafting station so just doing some basic low level potion mixing will start to raise your skill levels to useful numbers.

All recipes are conditioned to require you to have a certain number of lower level potions before they appear in your crafting list.  This cuts down on menu spam so you don't have a massive list of possibilities to scroll through when crafting as only the recipes you do or come close to qualifying for (considering skill level and crafting components in inventory) will appear in your available listings.  The new recipes also take into account your Alchemy skill when it comes to when the more efficient recipes become available, higher level potions with effects deemed to be more powerful tend to have higher requirements when it comes to the "skilled" recipes available.

For example, high level recipes for a Paralyze poison require more Alchemy skill to appear then a simple Restore Stamina potion would as the Paralyze effect is generally considered a more powerful and useful effect than Restore Stamina.  The exact requirements vary by effects, generally most effects start to get their more efficient recipes available by Alchemy skill level 40, with the moderate power effects requiring 50 or even 60 skill, and the most powerful effects and combinations requiring 80 or so Alchemy skill before you can create high level poisons and potions at a high efficiency level.

Over 400 recipes for all sorts of potion and poison effects are added by this mod, some example mixtures are below:

Damage Health - 04 (skilled)

1 Damage Health 01
1 Damage Health 03
Requires:  Alchemy 40 or Greater

Fortify Destruction - 03

1 Fortify Destruction 01
1 Fortify Destruction 02
Requires:  Alchemy 39 or Lower

Fortify Stamina Regeneration - 05 (skilled)

1 Fortify Stamina Regeneration 01
1 Fortify Stamina Regeneration 03
Requires:  Alchemy 60 or Greater

Invisibility - 03 (skilled)

2 Invisibility 01
Requires:  Alchemy 40 or Greater

Paralyze - 04

1 Paralyze 02
1 Paralyze 03
Requires:  Alchemy 49 or Lower

Resist Frost - 02

3 Resist Frost 01
Requires:  No Alchemy Skill Required

Poison and Potion Effects Covered

Poisons - (15)

Damage Health
Damage Magicka
Damage Magicka Regeneration
Damage Stamina
Damage Stamina Regeneration
Lingering Damage Health
Lingering Damage Magicka
Lingering Damage Stamina
Weakness to Fire
Weakness to Frost
Weakness to Magic
Weakness to Shock

Potions -  (27)

Fortify Alteration
Fortify Barter
Fortify Carry Weight
Fortify Conjuration
Fortify Destruction
Fortify Enchanting
Fortify Health
Fortify Health Regeneration
Fortify Illusion
Fortify Lockpicking
Fortify Magicka
Fortify Magicka Regeneration
Fortify Marksman
Fortify Pickpocket
Fortify Restoration
Fortify Smithing
Fortify Stamina
Fortify Stamina Regeneration
Resist Fire
Resist Frost
Resist Magic
Resist Shock
Restore Health
Restore Magicka
Restore Stamina

Total:  42 Effects

Only default game potion and poison effects are included in the combinations, player created potions and poisons generated from an Alchemy lab station with ingredients are NOT included as that uses an entirely different system of item creation than this mod uses.

Future Plans and Requests

As a basic idea, this mod is feature complete for my goals here when I created it.  That said, I certainly haven't covered every single poison or potion effect in the game, merely those I deemed most useful to the largest swath of players.  If there is a poison or potion effect that isn't covered in this mod that you just have to have or think is a glaring oversight that I didn't include, let me know and I'll see about adding it in a future version.  Also let me know if you think a certain combination or a skill requirement is somehow wrong or just unbalanced in either direction - too strong or too weak - and if I agree I may change it.

Compatibility and Load Order

99% of the data records in this mod are new entries, so conflicts with other mods (even magic or Alchemy-specific mods) or other load order issues should be minimal to non-existent.  As long as you can use the standard cooking pots and spits in the game to enter the crafting interface where you'd normally find your food recipes, there should be no problems.

The only chance of a conflict should be in relation to the skill gain for creating potions and poisons.  If another mod has also altered the cooking pots and spits in the game in some fashion, there will be a conflict.  Worse case, you (probably) won't have your game crash, you simply won't gain Alchemy skill when creating new items at the cooking stations as this mod is intending.  Move the conflicting mod or this mod higher/lower in your load order so you get the desired effect.


Standard install, use the mod manager of your choice to install or just drop the esp file into your Data directory manually and activate it.


Deactivate the file in your chosen mod manager or delete the esp if you installed manually.  Shouldn't in theory have any affect on save games, but do be aware that removing mods from an active save game is generally not a good idea - proceed at your own risk.