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This is just a small plugin for the Campfire mod by Chesko which allows you to get branches, kindling and firewood by hitting trees with your tools. Also allows you to craft stone knives.

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This mod is a plugin for the mod Campfire by Chesko. It allows you to get different resources that you can use for the creation of objects or campfires in Campfire, and so CAMPFIRE IS REQUIRED. Take your weapons or tools, and use them to hit a tree or a rock. It will give you different resources.

Any kind of weapons with the exception of maces and warhammers can be used to get Kindling, Firewood and Deadwood Branches, here is a table with what you would get using different weapons:

Woodcutter Axe: Firewood, Kindling and Deadwood Branches
Battleaxe, Dagger, Greatsword, Sword, Waraxe: Deadwood Branches (higher chance) and Kindling.

This means with the Woodcutter Axe or Chesko's Campfire's axe you will be able to get any of the three on one hit against the tree, with the rest of weapons you cannot get Firewood.

In this plugin there is another mechanic that was included, but I've not been able to make it work. You're also able to get branches from normal plants and bushes in game, but it seems it will not work because these plants and bushes do not have a collision, and so, cannot be hit, but the mechanic is there.

Aswell, if you use a pickaxe (or a waraxe due to Keywords) or your fists, to hit a rock (or with your fists, as if you were simply grabbing stones, you obviously won't break any rock with your fists lol, but you still gotta hit the rock with your fists), you'll be able to find "Small Stone". Gather two Small Stones and open the crafting menu of Campfire and you'll be able to craft a "Stone Knife", which will serve you as weapon. Now note the Stone Knife has a very low damage and value, and you cannot upgrade it. It is also very small in your fists, but I modelled it as good as possible. You can also get small stones by using a mace or a warhammer.


Download and put the files inside your data folder.

To uninstall, remove the files the mod adds.


Campfire is the only requirement, go to the mod page, download it and give it an endorse!


Q: Can I use it without Campfire?
A: No. Campfire is required for it to work.

Q: Will you make a version without Campfire or for another camping mods?
A: No. I love Campfire and I cannot play without it, this was simply something I really wanted to make for myself so I didn't have to go through a blackscreen to get materials for my campfire, and I decided to share it. I won't make a version without Campfire or for other camping mods, but keep scrolling down.

Q: Will you add other mechanics?
A: Give me ideas and I might. I did add a few other mechanics, but I had to remove them because they would either require other mods or not work properly.

Q: Is this mod compatible with everything?
A: As far as I know, it should be. I mean all you need is to have Campfire installed. If you want your weapon or tools mod to work with this you simply need to add the right keyword to your weapon, such as: "WeapTypeBattleAxe", keep reading and I'll explain. Any mod weapons with proper vanilla Keywords should work.

Q: I want to make one of my weapons/tools compatible with this mod, but I do not want to use vanilla Keywords, how do I do this?
A: You're going to need to have my mod and Campfire mod as requirement for your mod, and you'll need to edit my script called "GWRTreeAliasScript01". Add your new Keyword property to it, and add it to the part where it says "if (akSource.HasKeyword(whatever)" just as you see in the script.

Q: I got this problem with your mod, help me.
A: Post a comment here and I'll try to help you!

Q: I want to add something else that is given to the player when hitting a tree.
A: Add it to my script "GWRTreeAliasScript01" as a new MiscObject Property, and where it says "akAggressor.AddItem(someitem)", you copy that and paste it in a line just under it, and in someitem you put the name of your MiscObject Property.

Q: I want to add my pickaxe to the mod to get stones too, how do I do it?
A: Its similar to how you do it for the trees, but you simply have to add the WeapTypeWarAxe Keyword to your pickaxe/weapon.

Q: It would be cool to have the normal weapons break upon use against rocks and trees, could you do this?
A: My knowledge of Papyrus isn't that good, but I agree, it would be cool, I can't do it though. If anyone is able, it would be so amazing, and I would be willing to model and texturize any versions of weapons and tools for it.

Q: Is this compatible with Tree/Rocks mods?
A: Should be. I'm currently using Simply Bigger Trees and it works perfectly!

Make your weapon/tool mod compatible with this mod

You can make your weapon/tool mod compatible with this mod so when you use your weapon or tool against a tree you gather resources by simply adding the right keywords. As I explained above, different weapons get different things. I have added a new Keyword called "WoodcutterAxe" to both the vanilla and Chesko's woodcutter axes, so the mod will know when you're using a good axe or a normal weapon, as with normal weapons it simply uses the common weapon Keywords.

For a good axe: Just make sure Campfire.esm and GatherWildernessResources.esp are both loaded, but not as active files. Open your weapon and add the keyword "WoodcutterAxe".

For normal weapons/tools: Just make sure your weapon or tool has one of these Keywords, but be careful with which you put, as it might do something with another mod that also uses the Keywords to refer to the weapons: WeapTypeBattleAxe, WeapTypeDagger, WeapTypeGreatsword, WeapTypeSword, WeapTypeWarAxe.


Chesko, for Campfire. I simply cannot play without his mod, and this plugin wouldn't exist if not for him, obviously lol.
If not for this I would have not been able to make this mod, so whoever wrote the part of Attaching Scripts to Object, thanks a lot, and tbh part of this mod is all yours because of that.
ZunaSW/ZunaRoath/However you want to call me, modelled the small stone and the stone knife assets and texturized them and put it together.

Permissions: Please do not upload this mod anywhere else, it will be here and in only.