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Sets of earrings and necklaces!

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Hi! Thanks for checking out my mod!
This small mod adds 11 jewelry pieces (6 earrings + 5 necklaces)
Earrings have SMP added to them thanks to hwybee4996.
If the earrings don't fit your girl's ear we offer replacements of the same value. JK :)
If it doesn't fit make sure to check BodySlide and make adjustment's there, they were also made possible by hwybee4996.

All of the pieces are craftable at the Smithing Forge
[Golden Items require 1 gold to make whilst silver ones take 1 silver]

Make sure to have fun!


Q] Which skin do you use?
[A] BNP Skin

[Q] Which ENB do you use?
[A] Heavily modified version of Silent Horizon ENB

[Q] Can you do conversion for x y z bodytype?
[A] No, but anyone is welcome to do it

[Q] Can you add x y z to the mod?
[A] I visualize my modas in a certain way and I dont want to add anything to them

[Q] What Hairstyle is that in the photo?
 [A] If its my photo then I dont know as I have thousands of them downloaded, if its from others ask them.



If you need modeling advice or you just want to take pics 
Feel free to hit me up on discord :)

hwybee4996 for BodySlide and SMP and Pics <3
spaz490 for enduring my mental breakdown and helping me fix my SMP <3
ajhakra for cubemaps

To all the photographers down below <3