Shut UP. Can't you see I'm busy fighting by aLazyModder
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Shut UP! Can't you see I'm busy Fighting?

Shut UP adds a combat check to all force greets labeled "forcegreet" in the creation kit, and a few that were not.  There are other mods that disable force greets, or only disable couriers. This also does not modify NPC chatter, only forced greeting where an NPC will convolock the player.

I was inspired to make this mod after fighting at the Western Watchtower and returning to Whiterun, only to have a number of Better Vampire NPCs spawn next to me and attack.  Then, while I was busy fighting the enhanced vampires, the Alikir Warriors, Durak, and the courier all took turns convo locking me as I attempted to fight.  After making this mod they waited for combat to end first before harassing me.


  • If this isn't automatically compatible with The Choice is Yours or Timing is Everything, then I will make compatibility patches in the near future.  I do not have either of these mods, so it will have to wait.
  • Because this does not remove or disable any force greets.  It should be fully compatible. It is possible that there are situations where an NPC should be able to interrupt combat.  However, since the convo lock basically results in the player being rudely beat down while the NPC talks, I'm going to error in favor of adding the check to all force greets.
  • Compatibility patches for Immersive Citizens and Open Cities are planned.
  • I might have disabled greetings that are supposed to interrupt combat.
  • Not all forced greetings are disabled.  Only the ones with "forcegreet" in the title were modified.   I also modified the Alikir forced greeting, because I knew about that one.  If you encounter other forced greetings, let me know the NPC name, the location, and the quest/situation.  So I can find it more easily in the creation kit.


"I've literally never had this happen" - ministerofskyrim

"Awesome! I can't tell you how often this happens... I'm fighting a dragon, and
I've got an arrow drawn back and ready to fly, and just as I
release it, I'm spun around to look straight at the damn courier." - JLF65