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Fix the sunken height maps in LotD.

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Preamble: When I first discovered height maps with stereoscopic 3D parallax in VR, I could not believe it, so I got the Parallax Mesh Patch Collection. Then after deleting several bad meshes that caused CTD, and parallaxing everything I could, I started looking for gameplay mods. LotD was pre-parallaxed by the PMPC because it uses mostly Solitude meshes, but there were some serious problems. I set out to fix them, because Legacy of the Dragonborn is a fantastic mod.

Legacy of the Dragonborn Parallax Fix.

LotD is great. It does not play well with parallax though. It uses base game meshes with texture overwrites in the BSA. This means that those references do not know what heightmaps to use. To overcome this I have created new meshes that use the called textures and have the right parallax. I have defined the heightmaps in the texture set to correct the issue, and created new meshes to fix other things. There is an ESP file to insert them into the game.

Version: 0.1.1: Fixes some things

Fixes the Nordic Ruins statues by the dragon mask wall. Removes ice from mead bowl. Fixes Hall of Secrets stairs, walls, floors, tunnel, and cave. Fixes walls, and fireplace in Guild Hall. Fixes back Patio of Guild Hall.

Verion 1.0 update: Fixes all inverted parallax

This should be totally complete. There will be other small updates to fix small things that pop up. Leave a post if you find stuff that needs fixing, and I will get to it ion future updates. This latest update defines the heightmaps, so things should work everywhere. The secret tunnel to the safehouse is parallaxed, but reverted back to its original Riften textures. I can fix this in future updates, but I like the wetness down there, and there is no conflict with other textures. The outside entrance to the museum is now fixed. The fountain is fixed by defining the height map. Included new mesh for outside to correct the acid trip malfunctioning parallax for stairs walls and ground. Included P files for DBM custom textures that will add height to previously flat stuff.

Version 2 update: Parallaxes Everything

This is a completely new plugin. It no longer changes the textures back to the original mesh texture. By defining all the textures to include their height maps, the broken backward parallax is fixed while maintaining the LotD texture swaps, e.g. the hidden passage is no longer Riften Ratway Wall texture but will be Solitude Wall 3. No longer removes the ice from the mead bowl. I included a new low-poly ice mesh to use only in that bowl. Included new meshes to add new parallax that was missing to the Hall of Heroes circle floor, circle stairs, niches, and ceiling. New mesh and texture, normal, and height map for the stucco walls. New Safehouse fireplace, forge platform, and smelter wall. New guildhall floor. Still using new guildhall meshes to make the lowest wall texture always be wood. Still using new meshes for caves to change the floor and remove seam. Still using new exterior mesh to fix broken parallax on exterior stairs and walls. New p files for Solitude walls to improve the actual look (this is only compatible with the matching texture, so I hope we use the same one). The OGs I had were so blurry as to only kind of work.

2.1.11 Finally fixes that darn Fireplace for good, and the upstairs in the Safehouse, as well as raising some rugs that were beneath the floor.

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