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Craft and wear a variety of floating jewelries masquerading as item of arcane origin.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
Many thanks to YoungEmmaWatson for porting Mystical Ornaments onto Xbox platform
(explicit permission has been provided to author of Xbox port)
Available in two edition - with shadow casting and no shadow casting


These accessories are categorized into three main types of jewelries uses by vanilla game
This design choice aim to maintain balance in the most simple way.

Once you have learnt the Arcane Smithing perk, all items will be available to craft at a Cooking Pot. Yes, that's your makeshift cauldron.
The Cooking Pot can also be used for swapping between variants of certain accessories.
Most items can be enchanted, with the exception of light casting variants.

These accessories are capable of retaining their levitation properties even when not being worn.
This trait helps distinguishing them from ordinary object that shares the same appearance.

Head - Circlet - Halo - extension of identity

Glowing "Halo" comes in two variants - with and without (shadow*) light casting.

Neck - Amulet - Scepter - at the bridge of vitality and wisdom

Finger - Ring - Charm and Grimoire - prestige and versatility

Some glowing "charm" comes in two variants - with and without (shadow*) light casting.

Technical details

Each type of accessory has distinct floating and following characteristic - Halo matches your movement most closely, Scepter being large and heavy would moves sluggishly, while Charm and Grimoire has much greater maneuverability.

The placement of all items has been strategically considered to minimize obstruction of your view in 3rd-person.

Halos, Scepters, Charm&Grimoire are linked to the "head", "COM" and "MagicEffects" node of actor's skeleton, respectively.

All accessories uses the same mesh for on-actor equip and world model.

Important notices

1. Due to the usage of same mesh for on-actor equip and world model, some items are severely misaligned in inventory view. A temporary workaround can be done by inspecting the item (mouse wheel up or R3/press right stick).

2. Your visual setup will vastly influences the appearance of rune halos, their brightness has been preadjusted to compensate for ENB, causing them to appear white under inventory lighting. This is not a bug.

3. These accessories hadn't been optimized for usage with mod that allows wearing multiple jewelry pieces of the same type, do expect overlapping/clipping when you do so.

4. Skyrim has a restriction for light attached to actor's skeleton node, when an actor equip a light-emitting object attached to "MagicEffectsNode", it will overrides and disable all other light emitted from other node(s). For example, light from "Illuminating Lantern" will take priority over "Illuminating Frost Rune" light.

5. Skyrim has a recurring glitch that gives player a false impression of bugged "invisible jewelry".

Certain article of clothing are set up to overrides "visual slot" of other equipment, while still allows you to equip and benefit from its stats and enchantments.
This is how Skyrim handles outfit "layering", to simulate accessories being worn under clothing.

But a glitch may occurs and causes the overridden item to become visible when they're meant to be hidden.

This glitch can be temporary resolved by (re)loading a save. And once player has done so, they would noticed that some item(s) has become "invisible" whenever they're equipped together with other article of clothing, which actually is the correct behavior.

  Thus, if you encounter such issue, please do not report Mystical Ornaments as bugged.

The solution: edit "problematic" piece of clothing using Creation Kit, to remove its equip slot override within "ArmorAddon"