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About this mod

This is a re-make (Re-re-make now) of NineInchNall's Invested Magic mod, with spells from both Dawnguard and Dragonborn, as well as several new changes.

Also includes a patch for Ordinator and SPERG

I have given this mod a large overhaul, and it is now a much better representation of the original.

Permissions and credits
This is a re-make of NineInchNall's mod Invested Magic - A Better Magic Paradigm.
Most of the credit goes to NineInchNall for making the scripts and of course the original mod

There will be no more updates to this mod

Dispel all active spells before updating to the newest version


Playing a mage in Skyrim can often be a source of irritation. Every two minutes or so you have to refresh all your buffs, and the mage armor spells are the most annoying example of this. So here's a way to eliminate that in what I hope is a balanced way.

  • Most affected spells now cost 5 magicka to cast, though summon spells keep half (less for thralls) their normal costs as to avoid spamming in combat.
  • While active, affected spells require an investment of magicka to maintain them, reducing your maximum magicka by an amount proportional to the spell's power.
  • This "investment" cost can be halved by the appropriate perks (Novice, Apprentice, etc.)
  • Most affected spells now last a full day, most necromantic spells last a whole week, and thrall spells last about 3 years.
  • Casting a mage armor, cloak or utility (Muffle, Candlelight, etc.) spell while that spell is active will dispel the spell. Essentially toggles.
  • When your magicka reaches 0, all current "investments" will have a chance to be dispelled. Certain perks can stop this. (Stability for Alteration, Twin Souls (Master of Souls) for conjuration, Quiet Casting for Illusion, and the "does X when target is below x% HP" perks for the three main cloaks, Impact for Whirlwind and Respite for Stendarr's Aura)
  • Armor spells will grant experience when damage is taken, as well as many spells granting experience for being in combat.
  • Cloak spells (Frost/Flame/Shock/Whirlwind cloak and Stendarr's Aura) can now all stack with each other! (Could be very imbalanced, require feedback)
  • Adds dispel spells that allow you to unsummon conjured daedra and risen undead, as well as a "self" and "other" spell allowing you to dispel your own, or a targets buffs/debuffs. ("dispel - other" can be purchased from vendors)
  • Ritual spells can now be cast with one hand and only take a half-second to charge
  • Summons no longer include the "WIPDangerous" keyword, so now you don't have to worry about NPCs bitching non-stop about your hot demon from another dimension or that horde of zombies resurrected from their loved ones.

Changes included from/in the original mod, that weren't documented originally;
  • Night eye is a toggle
  • Clairvoyance costs nothing to cast
  • Mage light lasts 3600 seconds
  • Dual casting Mage armor buffs magnitude, rather than duration
  • Buffs the Storm Atronach's skills, gives it three new attacks, and makes it 20% larger for some reason.
  • Most summons scale with your level, aside from the non-potent atronachs (DLC summons not done yet)
  • Flaming Familiar scales to player level and is a direct upgrade to the normal familiar (This is implemented in a way that you can use it as a better familiar that scales to your level or just summon another wolf and the old one will explode.
  • Augmented destruction perks only work when the corresponding "half-cost" perk (Novice, Apprentice, etc.) is owned (Scrapped)

Affected Spells:
  • Oakflesh 60/30
  • Stoneflesh 90/45
  • Ironflesh 120/60
  • Ebonyflesh 150/75
  • Dragonhide 180/90 (Now provides 120 armor, can be dualcast, and is affected by the Mage Armor perk.)
  • Candlelight 30/15
  • Muffle 50/25
  • Waterbreathing 60/30
  • Invisibility 170/85
  • Flame Cloak 70/35
  • Frost Cloak 70/35
  • Lightning Cloak 70/35
  • Conjure Familiar 50/25
  • Conjure Flaming Familiar 60/30
  • Conjure Flame Atronach 70/35
  • Conjure Frost Atronach 90/45
  • Conjure Storm Atronach 110/55
  • Flame Thrall 90/45
  • Frost Thrall 130/65
  • Storm Thrall 170/85
  • Raise Zombie 60/30
  • Reanimate Corpse 90/45
  • Revenant 110/55
  • Dread Zombie 150/75
  • Dead Thrall 200/100
  • Bound Sword 40/20
  • Mystic Sword 50/25 (Mystic Binding perk)
  • Bound Battleaxe 50/25
  • Mystic Axe 60/30 (Mystic Binding perk)
  • Bound Bow 60/30
  • Mystic Bow 70/35 (Mystic Binding perk)
  • Conjure Dremora Lord 110/55
  • Arniel's Shade 80/40

  • Conjure Boneman 70/35
  • Conjure Mistman 90/45
  • Conjure Wrathman 110/55
  • Summon Arvak 70/35
  • Stendarr's Aura 70/35
  • Conjure Gargoyle 90/45
  • Raise Dead 0/0 (Does not invest magicka, though does still have the one day duration)

  • Conjure Ash Spawn 70/35
  • Conjure Seeker 90/45
  • Bound Dagger 30/15
  • Mystic Dagger 40/20 (Mystic Binding perk)
  • Whirlwind Cloak 70/35
  • Ash Guardian 110/55 (Doesn't invest if used without heart stone)

*Investment values are subjective and may be over/underpriced

/========Perk Trees=========/

Some perks no longer make any sense within this system. Duration increases are just pointless, as are most cost reductions. So we need to make a few changes to keep the perk trees worth the effort and character resource expenditure.

Alteration Perk Tree:
  • Stability increases stagger resistance and prevents your mage armor spells from being released when you run out of magicka. Still boosts the duration of other alteration spells.

Conjuration Perk Tree
  • Summoner increases the number of creatures you can control. (2 at rank 1, 4 at rank 2)
  • Twin Souls prevents your summons from being released when you run out of magicka, along with raising the summon cap by 2.
  • Dark Souls actually does what it says.
  • Necromancy allows you to summon one additional undead minion (does not stack with Atromancy)
  • Atromancy allows you to summon one additional daedric/non-undead minion (does not stack with Necromancy)
  • Elemental Potency lets atronachs scale with your level.

Destruction Perk Tree:
  • The main perks (Novice, Apprentice, etc.) now allow damage scaling based on skill level. The twist here is that the scaling takes into account the skill levels of all five schools of magic, so the mage who masters all five will do more damage than one who only masters Destruction.
  • Impact affects Novice level spells (at a reduced rate).
  • Intense Flames, Deep Freeze, and Disintegrate now affect enemies at 50% health, but they now have a chance to resist. These perks were originally worthless "win more" abilities, because once you get an enemy down to 20% health, you've pretty much already won anyway.

Illusion Perk Tree:
  • The perks Animage, Kindred mage and Aspect of Terror are based on Illusion level. (20%, so up to +20 levels) (This was included in the original mod, but not displayed in the description)

/=====Frequent Questions=====/

Q: Is this compatible with Path of Sorcery/Forgotten Magic/Apocalypse/Phenderix magic/etc.
A: No, of course not. They'll work, but the spells you'd want affected won't be.

Q: Is there a way to patch it myself?
A: Yes, it's fairly simple if you're a semi-experienced modder, just adding the script to the MGEF and filling it out, and increasing the duration of the SPEL in the CK, not much else beyond that, unless it's a multi-part spell like with the potent atronachs, or mystic weapons, where you'd just have to do the same thing to all versions of the spell.

Q: Sometimes the incorrect amount of magicka is invested/returned.
A: Do NOT cast two different investment spells at the same time, it WILL muddle the scripts and leave you with the wrong amount of magicka.
What this means is DON'T cast Ironflesh and summon a daedra at the same time, there should never be a scenario where this is an impactful issue.
Using two investment spells at once might not always cause a problem; without any extra scripts running, you can spam two different summons without issue, but it's usually not worth the risk, though if you do something like casting two flesh spells at once, it WILL mess you up.
This can also be caused by certain spells being dispelled strangely, namely Banish Daedra being used by NPC's, though extremely rare.


Please feel free to leave feedback on anything about the mod, whether it is about the costs, the perk or spell changes, an issue you have found, or a patch you may want, I will appreciate it and take any suggestions into consideration, though it might take me a while to actually bother with it.


This mod adds a single spell to 2 leveled lists, so make sure to use Wrye Bash if you want "Dispel - Other" to show up.

You can still use this mod with perk overhauls, though the spell investments will not be able to be halved, and they may overwrite changes to the mystic version of bound weapon spells (Mystic Binding perk) or other spells, making them non-investable and overwriting their durations.

Mods like Cutting Room Floor that change the look of spells on your character, like Stoneflesh looking like stone, will most likely overwrite any changes from this mod.

Mods that allow you to "transform" in any way, most likely will cause the scripts to not (de)activate correctly, meaning your magicka value will be incorrect.

/========SPERG Patch=======/

The half cost perks are the corresponding "auto" perks.

The "Stability" perks are the same for Conjuration, Destruction and Illusion, but for Alteration it has become Efficiency Expert, given that it fits so well.

Apprentice and expert conjuration perks give you one extra max summon, as well as Twin Souls giving two extra rather than just 1.

Bound weapon costs scale with how many perks you have that adjust them, an extra fifth for every perk, of which there are three.

The "physical" wards are not supported, simply because I don't like them.

Some other things that I might be forgetting, I'll update this if I remember

/=======Ordinator Patch======/

The half cost perks are perks related to the spells.

Stability perks are Quiet casting for illusion, Geomancer for Alteration, Edge of Oblivion for Conjuration, the three main cloaks are the level 70 destruction perks, Whirlwind is Force of Nature and Stendarr's Aura is False Light.

Planemeld reduces the cost of only non-undead summons by 35%

Certain summons no longer have a half cost perk, given that nothing would fit for them, so their cost is a middle ground for now.

Some other things that I might be forgetting, I'll update this if I remember

/=======Known Issues=======/

Do NOT cast two different investment spells at the same time, it WILL muddle the scripts and leave you with a strange amount of magicka.

Under certain circumstances the scripts may not work correctly and can give you back the wrong amount of magicka, most commonly with summons.

Staves that use an investable spell will invest mana but still have a duration.
They will not have the usual mana cost of course, making them still viable for conjurers.

There are spells that have off pattern descriptions and some spells display a "/s" next to the spell cost, these are purely cosmetic and the spells will still work normally.

Ritual spells may still have the large annoying glowy effects when casting

Experience rates may be wildly imbalanced due to changes to cost and multiple new sources of gain (I need feedback on this)


Make sure EVERY spell that has an investment cost is gone before you do, otherwise your magicka will not go back to it's original value.