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This mod adds a Motte and Bailey with a Norman keep just east of Rorikstead

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HAETHGARD - Realistic Player Castle

Haethgard* is a realistic early High Medieval castle in the Norman style.

This player owned home includes a smith, merchant, guards (with new armor!), and a few other NPCs as well as spacious living quarters and several buildings in the bailey. Thank you for any downloads or endorses, if you have any suggestions for future updates,I appreciate feedback

*(Haeth is heath in Old English, gard is "yard" in Norwegian and is a common suffix for Norwegian castle names)


I'm aware there are some collision and path finding bugs for NPCs.
I've just fixed the navmesh issues which should be working for 1.03 release. I'm still stumped as to why NPCs get stuck inside the Chapel and Keep.
On the other hand, they can enter the Alehouse and Musterhall but spawn a few hundred feet west of the main gate rather than inside the bailey.
I would recommend you leave followers waiting in the bailey until I sort this out!!
Sorry for the bug and thank you for the patience.


-1.02 Patch Released (4/4/17):
Adds map marker and fast travel, fixes collision bugs, adds AI packet. If you downloaded 1.01 (no longer available) please overwrite with 1.02. 1.01 is broken

-1.1 Version Released (5/22/17): Adds a mine and farm/apothecary. AI behavior and vendors are improved, the Inn is now fully functional, and various LOD and rendering bugs have been fixed

1. Merge the contents of Haethgard zip steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition/Data
2.Activate the MotteNBailey.esp and play. I would reccomend you load from and indoor save when loading this file for the first time

1. Delete data/MotteNBailey.esp
2. If you are NOT using Croc's mods or B-D-Y-E-B Shield Mod, then delete the folders from data/meshes/armor/ and data/textures/armor respectively:
-"Chainmail armor"
-"Skyforge Armor"

Alternatively, let Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer handle installation


- Armor (permission granted)

    NorseViking Armor II
    Cyrodiilic Chainmail

    Skyforge Scale Armor

- Shields (can be used as asset)

    B-D-Y-E-B Shield Mod

Thank you for the hard work. Note to users: NorseViking Armor II has some compatiability issues with SSE such that only helmets gauntlets and greaves
will work with SSE; the cuirasses cause graphical glitches

Mods Used in Screenshots:
As many as I can remember....

Skyrim Flora Overhaul SE by Vurt

SSE Texture Pack - Osmodius
by osmodius

Climates of Tamriel Special Edition - Weather - Lighting - Effects - Audio by JJC71 feat- PlayerTw0

If you see something else I'm forgetting or you don't recognize, please tell me

Reccomended Mods:

Bandit Fort - Motte and Bailey Edition by TheeDugster
A similar mod in a nearby location.

Populated Lands Roads Paths Legendary by Sands of Time Team
NPCs from this mod will actually enter the baily