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Chico is a Khajiit living in Solitude. He's a failed bard who does stand up comedy and odd jobs in and around Solitude. ESL flagged

Permissions and credits
Chico really wants to be a bard. Unfortunately his singing leaves a lot to be desired. To make ends meet he does odd jobs in and around Solitude so he can support his second choice career to be a stand up comedian. He does two gigs a week telling jokes but he will also tell you jokes and offer other sage 'advice' when you come across him. Some of them will only trigger inside certain locations, like the blacksmith or the hall of the dead.

He will interact with other NPCs in Solitude as he passes them during his varied routine. You can talk to the guards to ask them what they know and they'll give you hints on where Chico might be. Additionally, you can ask bards and other selected NPCs questions about Chico. When he passes a guard there's a random chance for them to ask him to tell them a joke.

Chico has a 'personality' - he's grumpy in the mornings and won't say much. Also after 8pm he gets tired and won't say much and might complain if you talk to him. At other times he's much more chatty and friendly.

He also doesn't like bad weather so if it rains or snows he will head for the Winking Skeever if he's outdoors, or shelter in place if he's in another interior location when it starts to rain or snow.

He also has several scenes that will trigger when he meets certain NPCs and will banter with several vanilla followers if you have them with you, including J'zargo, Lydia, Sven, Faendal, Annekke Crag-Jumper, Serana and Karliah. Mod-added NPCs that use vanilla voice types will also interact with Chico.

Sometimes he will 'sing' - you don't really want to be too close when he does.

Chico and other NPCs have been voiced by a combination of reused/spliced vanilla dialogue, xVASynth and Eleven Labs. Some of the singing has been voiced by voice artist Yandros.

There are also several Easter Eggs and secrets to find. Some NPCs might give you clues.

Install like you would any other mod using your favourite mod manager, or to install manually just unpack it and drop it in your Skyrim data folder. Should be safe to install mid-game. As the mod uses a few scripts, uninstallation is not recommended.

When you install the mod you will receive a flyer from the courier telling you about Chico's comedy routines. It's important that you read the flyer as this is the trigger that starts the scene quests running.

FAQ / Notes
Chico isn't talking - There's a rare vanilla bug where some custom made NPCs won't have dialogue when you first meet them. If this happens, just make a save then load that save back and it will fix this.

Is he marriable? - No.

Is he a follower? - No.

Where can I find him? He sleeps on Katla's farm on a bed roll but has a varied routine. You can ask the guards for information. See the article for his full routine.

LE version? No, but if someone wants to backport it, just let me know.

Does it work with AE? Yes, it works with SE and AE.

The mod is flagged as ESL so it won't take up a slot in your load order. It has been cleaned and checked for errors in xEdit.

I've tried to make Chico as compatible as possible but it's impractical to test it with everything. I've tested some of the more popular city overhauls with the results as follows -

JK's Winking Skeever - compatible.
JK's Blue Palace - compatible.
JK's Bards College - compatible.
JK's Skyrim - some minor pathing issues, Chico sometimes will briefly get stuck.
Extended Solitude - some minor pathing issues, Chico sometimes will briefly get stuck.
The Great City of Solitude - partially compatible, breaks some of Chico's routine around the docks as the ships and walkways have been moved around.
The New Winking Skeever - not compatible as this mod puts The Winking Skeever in its own cell and it breaks Chico's AI.
Immersive Citizens - compatible.
AI Overhaul - scripted version doesn't affect mod-added NPCs so should be compatible.
AI Overhaul Lite - untested.
Dan Ruta for xVASynth
Subhuman for help and support
Netherworks for testing and support
Yandros for Chico's singing voice
I've incorporated some of the scene cooldown times from Hit Dialogue Scene Cooldown from hitman47101
Ctuck61 for testing
Eleven Labs AI