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Sword by designer Kit Rae, featured in Two Worlds game series. One-handed and two-handed version included, also a dagger. Several color options. ESL flagged.

Permissions and credits
Adds a beautiful sword to Skyrim by designer Kit Rae.
Made from scratch in Blender, modeled after Kit Raе's design.
Textures created with Substance 3d Painter, adjusted in

Anathros, also known as "Anathros - Sword of the Earth"  -  sword, tempered with fire salt and enhanced by a great soul, is as deadly to enemies as a dragon bone weapon.
Can be forged at the forge with Silver, Steel, Fire Salt, Leather, Leather Strips, and Grand Filled Soul Gems.
Requires the forging steel equipment perk.
I have another sword from designer Kit Rae  -  Valermos, also known as "Valermos - Sword of Fire"

Original textures in 4k, but included textures in 2k and 1k.
There are textures of a clean sword without scratches and scuffs.


Update to v1.01:
 - Fixed blood texture on dagger

Update to v1.02: 
- Added two new color options for the hilt and scabbard of the sword: gold and mercury/quicksilver
- The blood textures of the dagger have been finally fixed

Skyrim SE-AE

Should be compatible with everything

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