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Reworked lod terrain diffuse textures for better fitting lod snow.
Reworked lod normals to improve lod detail.
Now world map compatible.

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Version 1.3 is out now. It changes the file concept. It will be much less confusing.


Terrain Lod Redone is aiming for a complete terrain lod overhaul. It features high res lod textures, high res lod normals and high poly lod meshes wich are almost eliminating the stripe effect.
Other than older versions I've packed the whole mod into one bsa archive with a dummy plugin for loading it. The sections are gone.
This removes all the confusion my older concept created.
If you are using
Spring Grass Overhaul or Skyland you can simply install the lod files that are provided with this mods. They will mix up with Terrain Lod Redone without problems.
It will mix up with lod mods like Abendaron's one too.
You don't have to care about anything.
Simply enable the esp and set the load order as high (thanks Amelli) as possible. There are mods like Open Cities wich are using some customized lod meshes.
And it is necessary that they are overwriting my lod files.

Additional installation notes:

If you don't want  another esp in your load order you can add the bsa in your Skyrim.ini.
Like that:

After doing this you can safely delete the Terrain Lod Redone.esp.

But due to the concept change it might be necessary to uninstall the old version instead of updating it.


Do I have to run DynDoLod or SSELODGEN after install?

If you are using the terrain textures only there shouldn't be any conflict with the rest of your lod files.
If you want to use the mountain normal maps you should. I've uploaded 512 to 512 normal map resources.
Wich are created for a 4096 to 4096 lod atlas.
If you want a higher resolution you'll find 2k resources in the download section of Majestic Mountains.

I'm getting green dots:

If you are using Skyrim Flora Overhaul install "no lod for bushes" (thank you Fielion).

Parts of the lod are missing sometimes:

While I was wandering around and looking for issues I found that several lod objects are rendered not correctly.
I've disabled my mod and noticed that there are lod issues in the north of Alftand and Whiterun in the vanilla state too.
I guess this comes from a faulty lod occlusion calculation and I'm currently investigating ways to fix it.

(will be updated further)

Feel free to ceck out my other mods too:
Majestic Mountains
Blended Roads

Another great showcase made by Ultimate Immersion. I'm really excited.

I was really proud when I saw that Hodi made a showcase. But you have to watch it in 4k.
Youtube 1080p kills all details even 4k kills much. And I'm still proud.