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Edited meshes from Vigilant by Vicn to fit the CBBE body.

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Aren't you tired of your new armor not fitting right? You sick of it looking like your smol female is wearing XL Men's Clothes?

This mod changes the meshes from Vigilant into ones that are more CBBE-friendly. They may not work well on more extreme bodies. I will update in the future to fix any clipping. 

Almost all armor and clothing supported! 
Armor included: 
  • Apprentice Robe
  • Auroran Cuirass
  • Auroran Valkyrie Cuirass
  • Belharza's Dragonrider Armor
  • Black Worm's Coat
  • Blademaster Armor
  • Bloody Cuirass
  • Burnt Laza Cuirass
  • Gardener's Armor
  • Gloom Armor
  • Gorieus Dragonrider Armor
  • Healer of Pailune Coat
  • Holy Brother of Marukh Armor
  • Knight of Akatosh Armor
  • Knight of Arkay Armor
  • Knight of Diagna Armor
  • Knight of Dibella Armor
  • Knight of Kynareth Armor
  • Knight of Mara Armor
  • Knight of Stendarr Armor
  • Knight of Talos Armor 
  • Knight of Talos Armor (Rust)
  • Knight of Zenithar Armor
  • Kynareth's Archer Armor
  • Lamae's Dress
  • Laza of Order Cuirass
  • Molag Bal Armor
  • Morihaus Cuirass
  • Paladin Armor
  • Pelinal's Robe
  • Pilgrim Robe
  • Reman's Shock Corps Armor
  • Slave Trader's Coat
  • Umaril's Cuirass
  • Vagrant Armor
  • Vigilant Armor
  • Witch Hunter's Coat
  • Witch Robes

Future Versions: 
  • fix clipping that was missed
  • physics? I get it, y'all are desperate for 3BBB but I don't use it. I may still upload a version if I feel like it so you can stop commenting about it :| 
  • Update! There's a few with physics now
  • I'd like to add more female characters\enemies into the leveled lists since there are very few and to show off the armor.

This edits only the meshes of the armor and clothing. 

  • removed unneeded body mesh
  • minor improvements
  • added experimental 3BBB to some of the outfits
  • fixed missing Vigilant gloves and boots
  • cut meshes to fit bigger body types better
  • general improvements
  • updated esp to include weight variants (_1 added)
  • proper textures on armor
  • included witch robes (and added male version) 
  • fixed weird bug on Reman's Shock Core armor
  • included Slider Groups for easy batch building
  • other weird stuff