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About this mod

Uses the Legacy Storage Extension to integrate Legacy of the Dragonborn's storage system and displays with Elianora's Tundra Homestead (Creation Club).

Permissions and credits
Thanks to KingTroller for the Legacy Storage Extension. This mod lets you access Legacy of the Dragonborn's chests within the Tundra Homestead, as well as synchronizing its displays with your museum.

Available Storage
  • Weapons (left basement wardrobe)
  • Armor (right basement wardrobe)
  • Crafting (outside chest in the crafting area)
  • Leathercraft (by the tanning rack)
  • Smithing (ingot pile on workbench)
  • Gems (one outside on a barrel by workbench, one near the alchemy lab inside)
  • Soul Gems (cupboard next to the enchanting table)
  • Ingredients (satchel just above the alchemy lab)
  • Recipes (satchel near the alchemy lab)
  • Building Materials (chest next to the outside crafting area)
  • Firewood (wood pile near the outside crafting area)
  • Raw Food (food basket near the fireplace)
  • Cooked Food (food platter on the bar table)
  • Potions (basket on top of the barrel near the basement hatch)
  • Poisons (set of poison bottles next to alchemy lab)
  • Liquor (cupboard behind the bar)
  • Scrolls (on the desk near the door)
  • Journals (bottom of the desk near the door)
  • Notes (on the desk near the door)
  • Clutter (knapsack in the bedroom)
  • Sorting Chest (right next to the basement hatch)
  • Sorting Trigger - one-click inventory auto sort (small chest on the desk near the door)
  • Sell Pile (barrel left of the basement hatch)
  • Income Box (strongbox across from the desk near front door)
  • Fate Cards Collection (cupboard in the bedroom)
  • Display Drop-off for the museum (next to the bedroom door in the main room)

Not all containers have been converted to Legacy storage but they should be safe to store items in regardless. If I convert more storage in the future I will let you know in the update notes to empty those containers before updating. The displays in the basement will update to show items that have been placed in your museum. Please allow up to 24 in-game hours for the displays to update. This does not include the weapon cases and mannequins, as those aren't specific to any item and the player can decorate them how they please.
Use Vortex or MO2 to download the plugin and make sure it is sorted after its dependencies. LOOT should place it in the right spot.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND installing this mid-playthrough; anything stored in or around the house may become lost. If you must install this mid-playthrough, make sure to empty every container and every display, and be a fair distance outside the house before saving and quitting. If you need a nearby container to store things in, the tall wardrobe in the bedroom should be safe to place stuff in as this mod doesn't touch it.

Although I don't recommend it either, uninstalling mid-playthrough should be okay, as all items stored in the extended storage should still be accessible from the LotD safehouse. Anything in non-extended containers should be untouched.

The only mods this would be incompatible with is anything that modifies the Tundra Homestead. If you run into an issue, feel free to post it in the bugs or posts section and I'll see what I can do.

Known Compatibilities:

I plan to make LotD storage extension patches for other houses as well, so you can request houses in the posts section, though with no guarantee I'll ever get to them.