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A mod that makes integrating storage and display with Legacy of the Dragonborn significantly easier

Permissions and credits
This is meant to be used as a tool to integrate primarily house/display mods with Legacy of the Dragonborn. I play with countless house/hideout/etc. mods and many of them add their own versions of storage systems and unique item displays. I also use LotD in all of my playthroughs just for the incredible storage system if nothing else. Using this you can have access to the LotD storage system from anywhere in Skyrim. This mod is meant to encourage other devs here to add LotD support to house mods to give a more unified experience across the game. I will, over time, be making patches for all of the house mods I am using and uploading them as I get them finished.

Info for modders
This utility adds the 5 paragons as static items because LotD doesn't already do it and I don't really feel like remaking them every time I make a new patch.
All of the references are kept in their own cell named 0LoTD_Activators and are named with the format prefix_itemname. Just set your displays to use these versions as an enable parent.
The currently supported items (with name prefix)
- All 9 divine amulets (amulet_)
- All daedric artifacts (daedric_)
- All dragon claws (claw_)
- All dragon priest masks including those unique to LotD (Mask)
- All black books (BlackBook#) - These are just numbered because the textures are all the same so there's no real reason to put in the effort to enable specific statics
- Vanilla bugs in jars (Bug_)
- All 5 paragon (paragon_)
- The Elder Scrolls (elderscroll_)
- Any unique books that I have seen house mods use (book)
- Most (all?) unique weapons (weap) and armour (armo) in the original game
- Thieves guild specific artifacts (thief)
- Other miscellaneous objects that don't really have a category to put them in (misc)

*IMPORTANT* For all of these display markers to update the script tied to the LSE_DisplayTrigger activator needs to run however you decide to do it.

Linked storage activators
This is working off the assumption that you already know the basics of creating activators in the creation kit.
All of the storage containers that exist for auto sorting in LotD have scripted activators in this mod prefixed with LSE_
Create an activator on the object you want to become a storage activator and in the popup filter by "LSE_" and find the appropriate container you want it to open.
These activators already come with the necessary script and properties to open the desired container. All you have to do is make sure "player activation" is checked under the primitive tab. NOTE: This should be well know by now, but I'll leave it here just in case. Make sure the z-axis rotation is not 0. It will prevent the game from loading the activator at all. If you want it near 0 it can be set to 0.01.

Check the ReadMe for a complete list of activators available.

Mods or patches made with this will still be needed by users to work right, but it comes with the benefit of your mods not breaking if something in LotD changes. I will update this utility anytime LotD updates something that breaks it while leaving my references the same so mods made from this one should never have to be changed just because LotD changes.

Info for everyone else
If you're not creating your own mod then this should only be downloaded if you're planing to use another mod that requires this one. This can be installed however you normal install your mods. As for load order, it shouldn't matter much as long as it is loaded after LotD and before any mods that require it.

The paragon displays in LotD are made in a way that it would be harder to just check if they are displayed. To save time and keep future LotD changes from breaking it the paragon displays only activate after you use their corresponding portals in the forgotten vale.

Planned Activators
- Remaining unique weapons/armor from base game
- Various collectibles from base game
- Activators for defeated bosses (to allow automatically filling boss trophy rooms)