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A cleaned with SSEEdit version of an Oldrim mod with the same name by Lordaloa.

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Original mod description, don't forget to endorse it:
Just A small mod to change that annoying dust to metal sparkles for all weapons hit, on other
it annoyed me that everytime i missed my hit or if i hitted some glass the only impact was dust comming of so i thought to replace the dust with metal sparkles.
At first glance, this mod is not a big deal. But soon you will realize how much more there is to it. It adds so much more immersion and tension to the fights. It became essential for me. Not only the sparkle effect looks amazing, it has many applications. For example, you can see where your arrows hit on a miss in a dark cave.

No performance impact. You will get the exact same fps.

No known conflicts with other mods.

version 1.3: File format has been properly updated to SE standards.