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Mura - Lordaloa - Mafjora - lazyskeever

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Simple patch to bring the sparks to the newly-added sounds for 2HWeapons in Immersive Sounds, making those weapon types use the improved effects together with the new sounds.

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The amazing Immersive Sounds - Compendium adds new sound categories to many weapons, and with it, new impact data sets. As a result, if you use Improved Weapon Impact EFFECTS, the sparks impact won't be applied to Two-Handed weapons, due to ISC directing the impact data to the new ones. 

This mod simply carries over the changes done in IWIE towards the impact data of ISC, making 2H weapons benefit from the improved effects while keeping the new sounds. I previously shared it in the posts for IWIE, but was requested to post it officially, so it doesn't get lost there.

Plugin's ESL-flagged, so it shouldn't occupy your load order limit.


- Use whatever mod manager you use and install it.
- Load after Immersive Sounds - Compendium (required as master)

lordaloa for the original IWIE mod
Mafjora for porting IWIE
lazyskeever for ISC