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Adds a new kind of head gear in several vanilla materials to craft or to find.

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Tired of not seeing your character's face and stylish hairstyle while playing because of that chunk of metal you're wearing on your head? Navida1's Improved Closefaced Helmets aren't open enough for you? Then try this mod out!

It adds new items to the game: crown-like helmets. You can craft them at a forge, in the corresponding section, with the corresponding perk, and you have a slight chance to find them on NPCs/merchants/loot instead of a regular helmet.

• For each of these vanilla materials: iron, steel, orcish, elven, dwemer, glass, dragonscale, dragonbone, daedric.
• Slightly inferior armour rating compared to helmets, but they're also lighter and require less materials to be forged.
• Male and female version, compatible with Khajiits and Argonians.
• Craftable and temperable.
• Proper world models.
• Uses vanilla textures and will benefit from any retexture mod you may have installed.
• Optional plugin to replace vanilla helmets.

To achieve the same visual result as me, I highly recommend that you use aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Armours.


• Iron crown: heavy - level 1 - AR 12
• Steel crown: heavy - level 6 - AR 15
• Dwemer crown: heavy - level 12 - AR 16
• Elven crown: light - level 12 - AR 12
• Orcish crown: heavy - level 25 - AR 18
• Ebony crown: heavy - level 32 - AR 19
• Glass crown: light - level 36 - AR 14
• Dragonbone crown: heavy - level 40 - AR 20
• Dragonscale crown: light - level 46 - AR 16
• Daedric crown: heavy - level 48 - AR 21


• More crowns: leather, plates, DLC, factions
• Adjusting the models for Orcs (some are clipping with their chin)
A replacer plugin to replace vanilla helmets (Done in 1.1)


Use your favorite mod manager.

Manual installation
• Copy the content of the 00 folder in your Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder.
• Do the same with the plugin of your choice, or both.
• Check CrownHelmetsRedux.esp and/or CrownHelmetsRedux_Replacer.esp in your mod manager.

As the first plugin modifies two leveled lists, you may want to make a bashed/smashed patch.


• Some crowns are clipping with Orcs' chins (will be fixed in the next version).
• The orcish crown is meh. I may try something else.
• There WILL be clipping with hair, much more with custom hair. That's just it.

Please report any trouble you may have.


A huge thank to pnkrd, the talentuous modder who allowed me to use his original work.
• pnkrd: original models from his Skyrim mod.
• Oaristys: iron, steel, orcish and dwemer models + beasts models + world models.

• Thanks to Ousnius for SSE Nif Optimizer


As pnkrd allowed the use of his assets, I do the same: you can use the models of this mod as long as you credit us.
Translations are welcome (I'd be glad if you send me a link that I could add to the page).