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DynDOLOD LOD files for Enhanced Rocks and Mountains (ERM)

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Enhanced Rocks and Mountains - DynDOLOD Add-On

Want Level of Detail (LOD) for Enhanced Rocks and Mountains (ERM)? Well, here it is.

  • This mod is compatible with EVERYTHING ... but it ONLY makes sense to use this mod if also using ERM.
  • Any texture replacer compatible with ERM (any vanilla-compatible textures) will be applied to these LODs likewise as long as the resolutions are standard and the paths are vanilla.

These are DynDOLOD LOD assets for Enhanced Rocks and Mountains created mostly by SparrowPrince with a little help, encouragement, and support from the StepModifications team and the enigmatic CaptainCockerel.

These are high-quality LOD models for ERM. As with ERM itself, these LOD assets were carefully created as vanilla drop-in replacers in accordance with requirements of vanilla LOD assets for use with DynDOLOD. These are low-poly custom models derived from the full models.

Installing this mod is a simple matter of downloading and enabling via a reputable mod manager like Mod Organizer, Wrye Bash, or Vortex. It can be placed anywhere in the mod prioritization, but we recommend placing it adjacent to ERM for good housekeeping. The footprint is very small, so there's really no need to worry about disk-space consumption. Just install it and forget about it until it needs an update.

DynDOLOD Mesh Rules
The recommended DynDOLOD mesh rules are mask=mountain, LOD4/Level0, LOD8/Level0, LOD16/Level1, (LOD32/Level0 if running ACMoS). The performance impact is minimal, regardless.

For more information about using DynDOLOD 3.xx and all other LODGen, check out the LOD instructions on the latest Step guide.

None of this would have been possible without sheson (DynDOLOD fork) and the xEdit developers (base application).