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Modifies Dragon Priest Masks, from the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod, to be lighter and count as cothing.

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This patch takes direct inspiration from the Dragon Priest Masks Aren't Armor mod by sam065, and applies it to the new dragon priest masks added in Legacy of the Dragonborn by icecreamassassin. It only requires LOTD.

It reduces weight, removes armor entirely, and classifies the items as clothing. It's meant to allow mage playthroughs to use some of the best mage-oriented items, while also benefiting from anything that requires mages not to wear armor. It is balanced, as it pretty much just nerfs the items in exchange for counting them as clothing for mages.

There's an optional patch to apply the same filter to a few other clearly mage-oriented pieces of armor. 

This mod is a WIP. It was originally meant for my personal playthrough and will have other pieces added to its optional patch whenever I encounter some LOTD piece of armor that I really want to use as a mage :P If you have requests for other pieces from LOTD, feel free to message me about them with the exact name, and I might add em.

1. download and install via your mod manager, and optionally select the extra patch.
2. Make sure you automatically sort your load order, or just load the patch after LOTD.