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Adds displays for the items from CatPancake's Sweets and Such to the Legacy of the Dragonborn safehouse.

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Now the Dragonborn and all their friends can enjoy the sweet life from the comfort of the safehouse.

Where to store your sweets

All items go into the Icebox Cooked Foods.

The ice cream goblets and some of the hard candies are displayed multiple times. In order to have them show up you will need to have multiples of the item stored in the Icebox Cooked Foods.

Where to see your sweets

Table in the dining room
  • The large white cake
  • 3 ice cream goblets
  • The ice cream bowl
  • The ice cream swirl

Left side table in the living room
  • All chocolates
  • The cinnamon roll
  • The turnover
  • The croissant
  • All cupcakes
  • All cookies

Right side table in the living room
  • The chocolate cake

Tray on end table
  • 2 green hard candies
  • 3 yellow hard candies
  • 4 blue mints
  • A candy cane
  • 2 wrapped mints
Bowl and goblet on short table
  • All lollipops

Q: Why not use the bakery display?
A: Icecreamassassin has requested that I not add items to the bakery displays as they are reserved for future content.

Required Mods

Thank you to Icecreamassassin for the amazing Legacy of the Dragonborn
Thank you to CatPancake for the
delicious Sweets and Such