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  1. MPankey
    • premium
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    I hope everyone enjoys this mod as much as i have, both as a user and now author. Don't forget to endorse if you love this mod!

    If you have cool pictures using this mod don't hesitate to submit them.

    Please direct bug reports and problems to the bugs tab. That way i can keep track of what still needs work and what doesn't.
  2. Adacho1331
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  3. haiken098
    • supporter
    • 362 posts
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    Only problem is the missing water after installing this. even uninstalling it won't fix the problem because this  mod erased the entire thing, not just overwrite it.
    1. GentlemanRelish
      • member
      • 54 posts
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      What mod manager are you using?
    2. davedabko
      • member
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    3. Crunkless
      • member
      • 85 posts
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      Try "Immersive Fallen Trees Patch"
  4. buxa1121
    • member
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    Idk why but after installing this mod quickloot doesnt work.
  5. Jurassic4LIFE
    • member
    • 61 posts
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    Just wanna say I'm adoring the little changes MPankey's made over the years. So glad that what started as a silly 2 month project has been worth it for all of you here commenting, and very thankful to Raulfin and MPankey for the navmeshing and later updates to port to SE.

    Cheers to more years of Skyrim and it's lovely trees :) Would love to see more community screenshots added. I can approve them from you folks.
  6. Vladimirvl0111
    • member
    • 400 posts
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    Thank you!
  7. Jawwah
    • member
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    Does this mod work with Simply Bigger Trees?
  8. robynrainbow
    • member
    • 55 posts
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    Wow it's so immersive, when I saw the title I thought 'how can added trees be immersive' but when I see one of those trees I feel like I'm in a totally different world, bloody beautiful would recommend to anyone
  9. mihaifm
    • premium
    • 160 posts
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    Thanks for this mod, tis good!

    Does anyone know of a texture replacement for those ugly green roots on large fallen trees?
  10. Lapki93512
    • supporter
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    thank you :)
  11. DrWandel
    • premium
    • 56 posts
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    I really like the look of the fallen trees - thank you!
    However, some of them (or maybe all) with mushrooms (Mora Tapinella, I belieeve) on them seem to have some of them floating, which I did not see before installing this mod. I also got the "Immersive Fallen Trees Patch".
    1. aureal17
      • supporter
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      I have the same thing with die Mora Tapinella. Someone knows what would be the problem here?
    2. SlavaZone
      • supporter
      • 3 posts
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      Are you using 3D Trees? From the Realistic HD Mushrooms comments: "Hey if this thread is about floating mushrooms on fallen trees, I just wanted to let everyone know that in my case, it was caused by loading 3d
      plants and trees before other tree adding mods. Not the immersive
      fallen trees mod or this fantastic realistic mushroom texture replacer.
      See the description on 3D plants and trees for more detailed load order
      Mine aren't floating, but they're definitely original texture. As far as I can research, none of the mushroom re textures go beyond vanilla mushrooms. :(