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Inspired by the famous open cities mod. I wanted to recreate that experience from scratch. This the first release in a small series Im working on along with my other projects. This places Whiterun in the Tamriel World Space. This is completely done from scratch from the ground up. no exterior resources used except Xedit, creationkit , and Blender.

Permissions and credits
This Mod is not a copy of open cities. This is completely done from scratch from the ground up. I really recommend you read all of the description page to avoid any confusion.
  • The Benefits of this mod. 
  1. Civil war quests works in "The Tamriel world space". I have tested the Windhelm side. The imperial side still needs tested
  2. This is a very stable build, no deleted navmesh and very few vanilla movements or edits. meaning this is extremely easy to patch.
  3. You can ride your horse into the city.
  4. This Is Fully Occlusioned and optimized out of the box
  5. Exterior navemesh is the exact same as the interior. I just copied and pasted. The formIDs had to be changed but they both exist so no deleted navmesh and no over lapping navmesh one simply exsist in the worldspace not being used and one exists in the  Tamriel world space.
  6. The only navmesh and landscape edit is in cell "4,-2" to get the new maingate to fit properly.
  7. all vanilla lights should all still have the same formids as interior whiterun world space. Meaning any light mod you have should work for this.
  8. I created new .nif meshes for just the DrawBridge and the Maingate so they didnt clip through the ground and into the city. The Collision works on them including collision effects.
  • Drawbacks 
  1. The main gate does not have an animated gate door yet
  2. Patches for open cities will not work for this mod.
  3. The walls still retain their extremely high collision meaning you cant jump overthem

Again This is not the same mod as open cities nothing is the same. This is currently only Whiterun. I plan to do the rest of the cities. 

  • Compatibility
  1.  anything that changes the exterior of whiterun should be fine or should be very easily patchable.
  2. anything changing the landscape even in cell "4,2" should work 
  3. Any mod that adds followers or edits the Whiterun Building interiors should be perfectly fine
  4. any mod that adds more Occlusion as long as they dont overlap in a major way. This can cause a really rare bug if so.
  • Incompatibility
Any mod changing the interior whiterun world space
anything that changes the original world space needs a patch. This is the quick explanation.

1. Load the incompatible mod into xEdit/SSE Edit.
2. On the left, click on the incompatible mod that needs to be patched. Go to "World Space".

3. Right click the world spaces. do  deep copy with overwriting. a window will pop up. it will have a list of options click new. ESP. or ESL. then click ok. name your new patch. 


4. Right Click on "The Cities World Space", in your "NEW PATCH" then click on "Run Script" (run this script only on "The Cities World Space").  example like Whiterunworldspace Markarthworldspace

5. A window will pop up. Look for "Move Objects or References to Different World Space", it's usually located at the bottom of the list.

6. Click on all the boxes, there should be three. and put Tamriel World space as the destination 

7. Run the script.

8.. Run one more script by right clicking the whole new patch file,  not the Worldspace this time. The script you will run is "Put worldspace references in the right cell". 

9. Once the script has finished its work, save your new patch.

If you use Mod Organizer 2, the generated patch will be located within the "Override" folder at the bottom of the left-side mod list.
If you use Vortex, the generated patch will be located within your "Data" folder.

The patch must be loaded after both mods!

The reason I'm explaining this process is because I don't have the time to make a LOT of patches, but I enjoy teaching when I find time. I currently have three large, major projects I'm working on. I did this because I felt there was a lot of requests for something like this to be on the Nexus.

Some open cities patches may work after changing the formids to reference my mod and renaming the required mod for the patch from opencities to this mods esp name but I dont know.

If you Support my work come join me in my Discord or if you like here is My Patreon or my Twitch Where you can watch me work on my Bigger projects that The community have helped me with My Twitch
Have a Great Day